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Sponsored Content - Initiatives and Strategies for IC Information Sharing at Defense Strategies Institute’s Intelligence Exploitation Summit

As computing and data mining technologies advance, intelligence agencies must develop new strategies to improve information sharing capabilities throughout the Intelligence Community (IC). The shift to the cloud has helped create an improved method of data sharing and enhanced way of securing sensitive information. However, there are still challenges the IC must overcome. One challenge is the ability to share and process large volumes of data to ensure the right information is being shared to help prevent threats against national security.

With the release of the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy in January, there is a push throughout the IC to increase collaboration and integrate intelligence systems. This process of integrating IC enterprise systems began six years ago with the introduction of IC ITE and, according to John Sherman, Chief Information Officer, Intelligence Community, ODNI, the effort has now reached its “Second Epoch.” This new epoch will push to ensure the flexibility and interoperability of IC enterprises. Sherman has been quoted as saying, “Just as the Department of Defense needs its weapons systems to be able to interoperate between ground, air, sea and space domains, our IC technologies need to be able to work together as well.” With IC systems interconnected, intelligence stove piping will be reduced and decision makers will be better informed and at the speed of mission.

Discussions at DSI’s 2019 Intelligence Exploitation Summit revolve around the technical challenges of the IC and the creation of interoperable and shared systems. Military intelligence organizations, senior members of the intelligence community and industry partners will convene in Washington, DC, for this two-day summit emphasizing the critical need for the rapid acquisition and development of modern data management practices to better secure and share sensitive information.

To this end, the summit will feature senior level-speakers and sessions including:

  • “Evolving and Expanding IC ITE as it Advances into its Second Epoch” John Sherman, Chief Information Officer, Intelligence Community, ODNI
  • “Shifting to Single Cloud Platform to Increase Analyst Insight and Capabilities” Greg Smithberger, CIO, NSA
  • “Improving Intelligence Integration Between FVEY Nations” Maj. Gen John Howard, Deputy Director for Commonwealth Integration, DIA
  • “Advancing DoD Identity Intelligence Capabilities through Policy and Strategy Development” Thomas Sasala, Director of Operations and Architecture, Chief Data Officer, Army/CIO-G-6
  • “Initiatives and Strategies for IC Information Sharing at the FBI” Stephen Laycock, Assistant Director, Directorate of Intelligence, FBI
  • Panel Session: “Tapping into the Value of OSINT” Dr. Barry Zulauf, Director, Analytic Integrity and Standards, ODNI
  • “Improving Civil Aviation Safety and Security Through Communication and Intelligence/Information Sharing” Dr. Jeffrey Wooden, Deputy Director, National Aviation Intelligence Integration Office
  • “Utilizing a Shared IC Enterprise to Advance National Security and Protect Financial Integrity” Everette Jordan, National Intelligence Manager, Economic Security and Threat Finance, ODNI

Topics to be covered at the summit Include:

  • Current progress of IC-ITE in its Second Epoch
  • Advancements in fusing information stemming from different sensors and disciplines to develop accurate decisions
  • Coordinating with partner agencies and allied nations to improve intelligence sharing and exploitation capabilities
  • IC ITE’s role in employing big data tools and leveraging analytics to improve the Multi-INT landscape
  • Simplifying intelligence computing architectures to increase cyber security
  • Creating flexible sharing techniques using high performance computers

DSI is now welcoming Intelligence Community Technologies as Sponsors and Exhibitors for the forum. To learn more, please contact Luis Hernandez at lhernandez@dsigroup.org, 201-918-3478.

Current Sponsors Include: Authentic8, Nutanix, ClearShark, Inflow, Denodo, and Truxton Forensics

In order to allow for actionable discussion and dialogue among speaker and attendees, seating will be limited. Register now to reserve your seat. Active military, government, and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the 5th Intelligence Exploitation Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at http://intelligence.dsigroup.org.

Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions may contact Erica Noreika at enoreika@dsigroup.org, 201-896-7802.

*The summit is closed to the press and no recordings will be allowed*