L. Ney Lugo

CTI Data

L. Ney Lugo is a CTI Data Analytics & AI Director. A thought leader in designing, agile implementation of cloud adoption, and event driven architectures. He has been in the consulting industry for over 13 years and has significant expertise in developing application, integration, DevOps/DataOps, and enterprise data warehouse architectures. He brings a data engineer mindset, an ability to write elegant reusable code using deep smarts in  financial analytics acumen to come up with elegant scalable engineering solutions. He is an expert in building real-time data pipelines using Spark Databricks, Confluent Kafka and Python programming frameworks. Additional expertise include distributed data stores Knowledge Graph, Memcache, Druid). L. Ney  is certified in AWS, Azure, and GCP as a Solution Cloud Architect.

Data Summit 2022

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