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Breaking Tradition—4 Reasons Why More Companies Are Using the ELT Approach Over ETL

Many data integration use cases only require simple transformations—and others don't require any transformations at all. For these scenarios, traditional ETL tools are overly complicated and can't deliver data updates as rapidly as business users need. The priority isn't on the T, but rather on the L—expediting data delivery—so users have fresh, accurate data to make business decisions. Read More

The Accidental DBA's Guide to Managing Critical Data while Providing Business Value

Managing business-critical databases is no easy task even for experienced DBAs, so for IT pros who might be new to the role—and likely already wear multiple other hats within their organization—it can be a challenging endeavor to say the least. Here are the 5 key areas that IT pros who have found themselves in the position of accidental DBAs should focus on. Read More

As Big Data Gets Bigger, Enterprise Governance Attempts to Keep Up

Big data is coming from everywhere and anywhere, creating massive headaches for data managers and IT executives. The good news is that some enterprises are gaining a semblance of control over, and are seeing business value from, their big data assets. What's troubling though is that most organizations are only just beginning to recognize the scope of the challenge that lies ahead of them and are not satisfied with the pace of data integration. Read More

2014 Is Shaping Up to be a Pivotal Year for Hadoop

2014 is turning out to be a banner year for Hadoop. The big data giant is continuing to move forward and expand and evolve as big data technology and big data analytics become more mainstream. Here are six key points that demonstrate the advances being made. Read More



Todd Schraml

Database Elaborations

Todd Schraml

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Craig S. Mullins

DBA Corner

Craig S. Mullins

  • The Danger of Dirty Reads Programs that read database data can access numerous rows and are therefore susceptible to concurrency problems. To get around this issue, most major RDBMS products support read-through locks, also known as "dirty read" or "uncommitted read," to help overcome concurrency problems. When might you want to consider using dirty reads in your applications?
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Kevin Kline

SQL Server Drill Down

Kevin Kline

  • PowerBI: The Self-Service BI App That Can Change Your Life If you've ever worked with a packaged product, such as a CRM system, that includes reporting and querying features, then you know how inflexible they are. It can be infuriatingly difficult to get data out of these systems, systems for which you paid big money, without losing sleep, hair, and peace of mind. Enter PowerBI.
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Guy Harrison

Big Data Notes

Guy Harrison

  • Data Marketplaces Have Yet to Deliver on Early Promise The pioneers of big data, such as Google, Amazon, and eBay, generated a "data exhaust" from their core operations that was more than sufficient to allow them to create data-driven process automation. But, for smaller enterprises, data might be the scarcest commodity. Hence, the emergence of data marketplaces.
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