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ECM Is Dead: Long Live Intelligent Information Management

"ECM is dead," proclaimed Michael Woodbridge in a Gartner blog post earlier this year. And, the fact is, today's legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems and other traditional approaches to managing information are no longer feasible in a world where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day—resulting in general confusion when itcomes to document management. Read More

Connecting Business in a Decentralized IT World: Q&A with Dell Boomi's Steve Wood

Expanding its range of services, in 2017, Dell Boomi acquired ManyWho, a provider of a unified cloud and low-code development platform that helps simplify workflow automation. Recently, Steve Wood, chief product officer at Boomi, talked about what's ahead for Boomi, what it means to be a connected business in the new hybrid cloud era, and the importance of low-code development. Read More

DBTA 100 2018 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

Innovative vendors are helping to point the way forward with technologies and services to take advantage of the wealth of data that is pouring into companies. This sixth DBTA 100 list spans a wide variety of companies that are each addressing the evolving demands for hardware, software, and services. Some are long-standing companies with well-established offerings that have evolved over time, while others are much newer to the data scene. Read More

VIDEO: 10 Things You Need to Know about GDPR

At Data Summit 2018 in Boston just 2 days before GDPR went into effect, Kristina Podnar, digital policy consultant, NativeTrust Consulting, LLC, presented a talk on what you need to know to become compliant with the new regulation—and maintain compliance. In her presentation, Podnar cut through the legal and regulatory noise, taking the 99 articles of GDPR and distilling them into 10 key areas so attendees could identify the things that they really need to deal with—and those that do not apply. Read More



Todd Schraml

Database Elaborations

Todd Schraml

  • Thinking “Outside of the Box” in Database Modeling? What Box? When we hear the term "think outside the box," how often do we really examine what that phrase truly means? First, one needs a box. And it is on this issue where most folks fail. Before one can consider what is "outside the box," one must clearly understand what exactly is meant by "inside the box." People often consider random approaches the same as being "outside the box." However, just different is not enough.
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Craig S. Mullins

DBA Corner

Craig S. Mullins

  • We Are in Need of Data Ethics Now A Worldwide Data Ethics Council is something we greatly need. The council would focus on debating, crafting and proposing clearer regulations that dictate what is—and is not—ethical in terms of data collection, retention, and usage. Furthermore, it would communicate the message of being skeptical of everything and using caution before sharing anything with anyone. The council could also work on forms of data ethics education for schools and universities, as well as to educate the press and government officials. I mean, let's face it, after watching those U.S. Congressional hearings with Mark Zuckerberg I don't think any techies believe that government officials are prepared for the Information Age.
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Kevin Kline

SQL Server Drill Down

Kevin Kline

  • Heightened Flexibility for SQL Server Admins with SQL Operations Studio On June 20th, the Microsoft SQL Server team dropped the most recent release of SQL Operations Studio to the public. This is just one of many, many product announcements that demonstrate Microsoft's very serious commitment to interoperability and to meeting the needs of their customers wherever they reside, even if that's outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. One of the hallmarks of SQL Operations Studio, compared to the venerable SQL Server Management Studio, is that its lightweight and expandable.
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Guy Harrison

MongoDB Matters

Guy Harrison

  • MongoDB Transactions In Depth The introduction of transactions in MongoDB 4.0 represents possibly the most significant change in MongoDB's architecture since its original release.  The lack of a transactional capability previously defined the capabilities of the database: Without transactions, MongoDB was blocked from consideration for a wide range of application scenarios.  With the implementation of transactions, MongoDB can for the first time truly claim to be a general purpose DBMS.
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Rob Mandeville

Next-Gen Data Management

Rob Mandeville

  • Pros and Cons of a Data Services Layer Our data capture and retention requirements continue to grow at a very fast rate, which brings new entrants in the SQL and NoSQL market all the time. However, not all data is created equal. Companies recognize that disparate data can and should be treated differently. That means the way we persist that data can be extremely varied. Now, enter applications that need to access all that data across a very heterogeneous landscape, and we get to the point where we're reinventing the data access wheel every time someone needs to spin up another application or introduce another data source.
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