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Data Analysis Stalls When Companies Can't Find Critical Datasets

The business world continues to shortchange a critical step between storing and analyzing the explosion of new data expected over the coming years. A business can quickly move from the old world of siloed, unusable data to a new one where stakeholders around the globe can find information in a few minutes from their local access points. The "findability" of data is particularly important for Global 1000 companies pursuing Industrial Internet-related innovation. Read More

Essential Tips on SQL Server Database Performance

As data continues to explode, DBAs must constantly stay a step ahead by finding new ways to improve database efficiency and performance. Managing data in today's complex IT environment requires creative approaches to a number of different DBA processes. Here are useful tips in five main categories that can help DBAs keep their heads above water and allow their companies to more effectively utilize their data to drive business value. Read More

The ABCs of Data Deduplication: Demystifying the Different Methods

Exponential data growth is hitting organizations of all sizes hard. It's not enough to merely add more capacity; recovery point objectives must be met, and time is money when it comes to data recovery. The simple truth is that to be effectively managed, adequately protected and completely recovered, your data size must be shrunk. Read More

Containers Enable DevOps and Hybrid Clouds, But Sandboxes Are Also Critical for IT Success

Recent shifts are driving the adoption of a number of technologies and tools, including containers, which are garnering big attention from investors. The primary advantage of containers is allowing applications to look uniform as they cross between non-production and production environments, and between on-premise and cloud. However, containers on their own, while critical to speeding adoption of DevOps and hybrid cloud deployment, are not sufficient. Read More



Todd Schraml

Database Elaborations

Todd Schraml

  • Data Modeling: A Balancing Act of Conflicting Objectives Data modelers must look at the big picture of an organization's data ecosystem to ensure additions and changes fit in properly. Simultaneously, each data modeler must be focused on the minute details, adhering to naming standards, domain rules, data type practices, still remaining ever vigilant for instilling consistency across everything they do. And while focused on all of the above, their efforts must culminate in a practical model that serves the individual project's requirements while also being implementable, maintainable, and extensible.
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Craig S. Mullins

DBA Corner

Craig S. Mullins

  • Does the Title “DBA” Still Apply? If you are a working DBA, the actual work you do these days is probably significantly different than it was when you first began work as a DBA. So is the term DBA really accurate any longer? Or has the job grown into something more?
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Kevin Kline

SQL Server Drill Down

Kevin Kline

  • Machine Learning and the Microsoft Data Platform If you're into data and databases and you have not heard the term "machine learning," may I suggest that you're not reading enough? This technology is hot and hyped, largely because it is the secret ingredient in many successful Big Data projects.
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Guy Harrison

Applications Insight

Guy Harrison

  • Quantum Computing is Not Science Fiction The development of a functional and practical quantum computing system has been "pending" for some decades now, but there are some real signs that this technology may become decisive soon. The implications of cryptography are encouraging major government investment - both the U.S. and China, in particular, are heavily investing in quantum computing technology. The arms race to develop functional quantum computing has begun.
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  • Database Performance Optimization With Wait Time Analysis Database performance tuning is a complex but extremely important task. However, it can be difficult to effectively optimize databases when there are other "fires" to put out, limited resources, and an increasing number of databases to look after. But that doesn't mean it's impossible, especially with the right approach.
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