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50 Companies Driving Big Data Innovation

To help organizations continue to get the most from their data, Big Data Quarterly has published the second annual "Big Data 50," a list of companies driving big data innovation. The Big Data 50 includes forward-thinking companies that are expanding what is possible in terms of managing and deriving value from data. Read More

An Offline-First Approach Keeps Applications Connected

Building applications can already be a grueling process for developers, especially when networks become slow, spotty, or go down completely. By building offline-first apps, developers create an always-on experience for their users. An offline-first app is one that works, without error, when there is no network connection, with progressive enhancement applied whenever network connectivity is available. Read More

What’s in a Name: Anomaly Detection

The year 2015 was especially rich in cyberattacks with companies such as T-Mobile, Kaspersky, and Anthem having had their security compromised and all sorts of personal information about users exposed. The urgent need to solve the problem of anomaly detection lies in the fact that any deviation from a general picture showing the current state of the system may carry important information about the existing issue. Read More

Cloud Survey Reveals Users are Concerned About Security

Cloud is changing how the world interacts with data. A majority of enterprises are considering, and many have already deployed, cloud services for applications, platform, and infrastructure needs. Read More



Todd Schraml

Database Elaborations

Todd Schraml

  • Computer Programming is a Literal Sport Programming is a literal sport. Code does exactly what it is configured to do, no compromises. When the definition of a task is fuzzy, it is up to the developer to do what they believe is correct. Does the code reflect what is desired? That answer is left open to interpretation. Sadly, developers may not have a clear understanding, and even the users requesting the solution may not be sure. The results can be very painful for an organization. Expectations may not align with the delivered solutions. Users will blame IT; IT will blame users.
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Craig S. Mullins

DBA Corner

Craig S. Mullins

  • Big Data Guidance for Relational DBAs The current driving force for many IT projects is big data and analytics. So how will the job of DBA be impacted as their companies deploy big data analytics systems? The answer, is quite a bit, but don't forget everything you already know!
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Kevin Kline

SQL Server Drill Down

Kevin Kline

  • SQL Server 2016 – The Cool is in the Tool (SSMS that is) As a heavy user of other RDBMS data platforms, I have long appreciated the extra effort that Microsoft put into their data management and administration tool, the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). While SSMS is an outstanding administration and T-SQL programming tool, it does have its minor qualms and quibbles.
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Guy Harrison

Applications Insight

Guy Harrison

  • Ethereum and the World of Smart Contracts It is widely accepted that to realize the full potential of blockchain technology we will need a next-generation blockchain to supplement the one provided in the Bitcoin implementation. Ethereum represents just such a next-generation blockchain.
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  • The Correlation Between Performance and Costs When you think about the role of a database professional, you probably don't include "cost savings" in the list of responsibilities. Maybe if there were a clearer correlation between the work of database professionals and money, people would pay more attention. Well, it turns out, there is.
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