Sudha Viswanathan

Staff Engineer

Sudha Viswanathan is a Big Data Architect pioneering in the area of building scalable and reliable data platforms in on premise environments and in cloud environments. She has a solid background in the full lifecycle of data and systems to enable informed, data driven decision making. Currently, she is a Senior IC  in Storefront Data Engineering platform at Wayfair which is used broadly across the company for revenue attribution, ad bidding and A/B test analysis. Previously, she worked at Walmart and built the Customer Identity Graph platform, which used Spark as the processing engine and handled 20+ billion nodes enabling Walmart to identify its customers irrespective of the channel which brought them to Walmart.  She is a passionate speaker who takes keen interest in explaining the most complex technical details in simple layman terms to make even the last person in the room understand the details.

Data Summit 2022

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