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Many Data Summit speakers have made their presentations available online for attendees to view. Presentations will remain on the website during and after the conference so that you can refer to them at your convenience. If you don't see a presentation for a session, please check back during or after the conference as speakers are able to submit their presentation at any time.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Preconference Workshops

W1: Essentials of Data Privacy and Security
Jeff Jockisch - W1_Jockisch.pdf (4 MB)
W2: Introduction to Knowledge Graphs
Sara Nash - W2_Nash.pdf (2 MB)
W3: Basics of Machine Learning
W4: Build Actionable Road Maps for Enterprise Data and Analytics
Wayne Eckerson - W4_Eckerson.pdf (10 MB)

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Welcome & Opening Keynote: Data Is Not the New Oil
How to Choose: Data Lake, Lakehouse, or Mesh?

Modern Data Strategy Essentials Today

A101: Embracing Digital Transformation
A102: Succeeding With Data Projects in the Real World
A103: Streamlining Your Approach to Data
A104: Becoming an Insights-Driven Enterprise
Sudha Viswanathan - A104_Viswanathan.pptx (24 MB)
Kathy Schneider - A104_Schneider.pptx (8 MB)
A105: Increasing the Time to Value of Data
Campbell & Fersht - A105_Campbell.pdf (2 MB)

Emerging Technologies & Trends in Data & Analytics

B101: Architecting for Speed & Scale
Brian O'Neill - B101_ONeill.pdf (39 MB)
B102: The New World of Data Architectures
James Serra - B102_Serra.pptx (9 MB)
B103: The Rise of Data Fabrics
B104: Enabling Real-Time Analytics & Big Data Analysis at Scale
Jeff Fried - B104_Fried.pdf (2 MB)
Damien Mahuzier - B104_Mahuzier.pdf (1 MB)
B105: Achieving Unified Analytics
Paige Roberts - B105_Roberts(1).pptx (11 MB)
Alex Johnson - B105_Johnson.pdf (3 MB)

Data Ops Boot Camp

C101: Why You Need DataOps & How to Get Started
C102: Mastering DataOps Techniques
L. Ney Lugo - C102_Lugo.pdf (3 MB)
C103: Overcoming DataOps Challenges
C104: DataOps and the Cloud Journey
Kunal Agarwal - C104_Agarwal.pdf (6 MB)
C105: The Future of DataOps

AI & Machine Learning Summit

AI101: How to Drive an AI Strategy
Tom Wilde - AI101_Wilde.pptx (5 MB)
AI102: Machine Learning Best Practices Today
AI103: Enhancing AI With Graphs
Jay Yu - AI103_Yu.pdf (5 MB)
AI104: ML Methodologies in the Real World
AI105: Data Privacy in the Digital Era
Umesh Hodeghatta - AI105_Hodeghatta(1).pdf (1 MB)

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Continental Breakfast
Keynote: Data Quality Deniers & What We learn From Them
Laura Sebastian-Coleman - 0845_Sebastian-Coleman.pptx (1 MB)
Using A Semantic Layer To Drive AI & BI Impact At Scale
John Lynch - 0930_Lynch.pptx (3 MB)
Innovating With Graph Database Technology
Coffee Break in the Data Solutions Showcase

What’s Next in Data & Analytics Architecture

A201: Taking Your Data & Analytics to the Cloud
A202: Tapping Into the Internet of Things
Paul Scott-Murphy - A202_Scott-Murphy.pptx (10 MB)
A203: Stream Processing With Apache Kafka
A204: How to Use In-App Ratings to Personalize and Improve Your User Experience

The Future of Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, & Data Hubs

B201: Future-Proofing Data Warehousing
Richard Winter - B201_Winter(1).pdf (1 MB)
B202: Modern Data Lake Essentials
Mark Lyons - B202_Lyons(1).pdf (2 MB)
B203: Drilling Down on Data Lake Architecture
Joey Jablonski - B203_Jablonski.pdf (3 MB)
B204: Improving Data Quality in Data Lakes
Stewart Bryson - B204_Bryson.pdf (3 MB)

Database & DevOps Boot Camp

C201: Bringing DevOps to the Database World
Kathi Kellenberger - C201_Kellenberger.pdf (745 KB)
C202: The Evolution of Database Management
Brian Gilmore - C202_Gilmore.pdf (4 MB)
Andrew C. Oliver - C202_Oliver.pptx (5 MB)
C203: Understanding Software Licensing Today
Corey & Sullivan - C203_Corey.pptx (53 MB)
C204: [This Session Has Been Cancelled] Data Exhaust or Exhausting Data?

AI & Machine Learning Summit

AI201: Unlocking Your Data With AI & ML
AI202: Building a Streaming ML Platform
AI203: Rethinking Architectures for AI
AI204: Operationalizing AI: Challenges & Opportunities
Sanji Fernando - AI204_Fernando.pdf (1003 KB)

Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote: Data Architecture as a Service: The Culmination of the Self-Service Revolution
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