Ann Lai


Picture of Ann LaiAnn recently left her position as a General Partner at Bullpen Capital (joined in 2020). As a first-generation Taiwanese American she filed her first U.S. patent at 15 years old. She completed her bachelor’s, master’s and PhD at Harvard, earning degrees in chemistry, physics, applied math and engineering. Never shying away from a challenge, Ann uses her expertise in mathematical modeling to level the VC playing field, investing in companies led by women and people of color. For years she has advocated for more equitable treatment of women and other overlooked communities in venture capital and start-up spaces, going so far as to fight an outdated NDA from her former employer in court based on the abuses she experienced. Elle Magazine covered her story in 2022, and Ann continues pushing the VC community towards better equality policies and treatment of women and overlooked communities. Before joining Bullpen, Ann invested and/or advised over 30 early-to-late stage startups, including Dia & Co, Bellhops, Havenly, Skiplagged, Immortals Gaming Club, and more. She has experience helping companies with growth, product optimization, pricing models, data science best practices, KPI (re)definitions, business streamlining, and fundraising. When she’s not working or (rarely) sleeping, Ann is pursuing her passions for exploring art museums, tracking down UNESCO sites, and scuba diving with whale sharks.

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