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Many Data Summit speakers have made their presentations available online for attendees to view. Presentations will remain on the website during and after the conference so that you can refer to them at your convenience. If you don't see a presentation for a session, please check back during or after the conference as speakers are able to submit their presentation at any time.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


W1: Build the Modern Data Architecture & Plan That Transforms Your Company
W2: Building Knowledge Graphs
Nash & Hilger - W2_Nash.pptx (13 MB)
W3: Essentials of Data Privacy and Security
Jeff Jockisch - W3_Jockisch.pdf (3 MB)
W4: Constructing Your Data Strategy: A Business and Technical Foundation for Success

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Welcome & Keynote: The World According to Data
David Weinberger - 0845_Weinberger.pdf (6 MB)
Sponsored Keynote: How iRobot Drives Data Trust at Scale With Data Observability
Christina Leber - 0930_Leber.pptx (1 MB)
Sponsored Keynote: The Art of the Possible With Graph Technology
Dave Mohr - 0945_Mohr.pptx (14 MB)

Modern Data Strategy Essentials Today

A101: Competing on Analytics
Wayne Eckerson - A101_Eckerson.pptx (5 MB)
A102: Becoming an Insights-Driven Enterprise
Matthew J. Holbrook - A102_Holbrook.pptx (766 KB)
A103: Succeeding With Digital Transformation in the Real World
Richard Huffine - A103_Huffine.pptx (2 MB)
A104: Keeping Your Data Secure
David Adler - A104_Adler.pptx (2 MB)
Manish Shah - A104_Shah.pdf (653 KB)
A105: Complying With Rules & Regulations
Corey & Sullivan - A105_Corey.pptx (51 MB)

What’s Next in Data & Analytics Architecture

B101: Moving to a Modern Data Architecture
Steve Doughty - B101_Doughty.pptx (8 MB)
Tal Doron - B101_Doron.pdf (5 MB)
B102: Architecting for Speed and Scale
Kevin Zielnicki - B102_Zielnicki.pptx (6 MB)
Jerod Johnson - B102_Johnson.pptx (4 MB)
B103: Adopting a DataOps Strategy
Geoff Rennie - B103_Rennie.pptx (8 MB)
B104: Building a Modern Data Stack
Andy Li - B104_Li.pdf (28 MB)
B105: Taking a Data-Centric Approach to Modernization

Data Mesh & Data Fabric Boot Camp

C101: Overcoming Big Data Silos With Data Mesh
C102: Implementing a Data Fabric
Doug MacWilliams - C102_MacWilliams.pdf (1 MB)
C103: Scaling & Managing a Cloud Data Ecosystem
C104: Viewing Data Fabric and Data Mesh as Complementary
Jeff Fried - C104_Fried.pdf (5 MB)
C105: Rethinking Your Architecture for Data Mesh Success
Elliott Cordo - C105_Cordo.pptx (1 MB)

AI & Machine Learning Summit

AI101: Introducing AI in the Enterprise
Efrain Rodriquez - AI101_Rodriquez.pptx (12 MB)
AI102: Implementing an MLOps Solution
Joey Jablonski - AI102_Jablonski.pptx (6 MB)
AI103: Investigating Neural Networks and AI
David Seuss - AI103_Seuss.pptx (2 MB)
AI104: Embracing the Power of Knowledge Graphs
AI105: Data Management Best Practices for Effective ML
Alec Gilarde - AI105_Gilarde.pptx (8 MB)

Networking Reception

Networking Reception in the Data Solutions Showcase

Thursday, May 11, 2023


Keynote: Start Building Your Tomorrow Today: The Future Is Rooted in Trust, Not Technology
Sponsored Keynote: Extracting Value From Location Intelligence: A Transformed Business Outlook
Ankit Patel - 0945_Patel.pptx (40 MB)

Emerging Technologies & Trends in Data & Analytics

A201: Unlocking the Power of Data Science
A202: [CANCELLED] Enabling Real-Time Analytics
A203: Increasing the Time to Value of Data
A204: Developing Analytics Talent at Your Organization

Navigating the Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Future

B201: Navigating a Data-Informed Approach
B202: Taking Your Data & Analytics to the Cloud
Tom Hoblitzell - B202_Hoblitzell.pptx (11 MB)
B203: Mitigating Risks When Moving to the Cloud
Paige Roberts - B203_Roberts.pptx (27 MB)
B204: Simplifying Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Adoption
Greg Palmer - B204_Palmer.pptx (2 MB)

Database Management in the Era of DevOps, Microservices, & the Cloud

C201: The Latest Trends in Database Cloud Modernization
Michael Agarwal - C201_Agarwal.pptx (8 MB)
Ian Gershuny - C201_Gershuny.pptx (12 MB)
C202: Developing Database DevOps
C203: Taking a Deep Dive Into Cutting-Edge Techniques for Data Management
C204: Pivoting for Success With Open Source
Anil Inamdar - C204_Inamdar(1).pptx (10 MB)

AI & Machine Learning Summit

AI201: Succeeding With AI in the Cloud
Rory Kelleher - AI201_Kelleher.pptx (3 MB)
AI202: AI in Action: Driving Real Results
Danita Kiser - AI202_Kiser.pptx (9 MB)
AI203: Data Literacy for Executives
Aiken & Cesino - AI203_Aiken.pdf (1 MB)
AI204: PANEL: Looking Ahead

Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote: Trends in Data Architectures and New Technologies
John O'Brien - 1600_OBrien.pptx (2 MB)
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