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Tassos Sarbanes

Mathematician / Data Scientist
Investment Banking
Credit Suisse
City University of New York

Picture of Tassos SarbanesI am a mathematician-turned-computer-scientist. I am passionate about Big Data Analytics, by using Mathematical Models/Algorithms and Statistical Tools. I have been in the Financial Sector business for over 15 years. As a Data Scientist with substantial hand-on experience on very large data sets of text, image, social media. Experience includes abstracting and quantifying the computational aspects of the problems, designing and applying new statistical algorithms, as well as systems-level software design and implementation in different platforms. I use my diverse background on quantitative research in variety of domains including machine learning, probabilistic modeling, convex optimization, engineering, signal processing and applied mathematics.

Responsible professional with academic and business training and experience. Experience with innovative approach to teach Math, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science and Quality Management (Six Sigma & Hoshin Planning) courses. I’ve been affiliated with the City University of New York, teaching Computer Science courses both at the Undergraduate and Graduate level.

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