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Paige Roberts

Director of Product Innovation
thatDot, creators of Quine OSS

Picture of Paige RobertsPaige Roberts has worked as an engineer, trainer, support technician, technical writer, marketer, product manager, and a consultant in the last 25 years. She has built data engineering pipelines and architectures, documented and tested open source analytics implementations, worked with different industries, and questioned a lot of assumptions. She's worked for companies like Pervasive, the Bloor Group, Actian, Hortonworks, Syncsort, Vertica, and now, thatDot. She contributed to "97 Things Every Data Engineer Should Know," and co-authored "Accelerate Machine Learning with a Unified Analytics Architecture" and "Up and Running with Aerospike" from O'Reilly publishing. She promotes understanding of distributed data processing, streaming graph, high scale data engineering architecture, and how the analytics revolution is changing the world. In her free time, she's been known to hurl axes, pull a bow, and write fantasy books under her maiden name, Paige E. Ewing.



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