Featuring the top companies in the industry, the Data Solutions Showcase offers a vibrant marketplace of data management and analysis solution providers to explore, whether your team has a specific project that needs help or just wants to keep up with the latest trends.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Networking Reception 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 9, 2024
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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Acante has built the most comprehensive data security observability and access governance solution for modern data infrastructure stacks built around Databricks, S3, Redshift, ADLS, Snowflake, Kafka, Tableau, and so on. It empowers data platforms teams to confidently and rapidly democratize access to their data while meeting security and compliance mandates.

GridGain Systems, Inc.

GridGain is the leading Unified Real-Time Data Platform for applications that demand extreme speed, massive scale, and high availability across complex analytical, streaming, and transactional data workloads. GridGain’s distributed memory-first architecture and colocated compute enable data processing and analytics at low-millisecond latencies, with configurable disk-based persistence for added durability.


Semarchy’s xDM Data Platform delivers a robust suite of capabilities for master data management, integration, governance, and quality. It is purposefully designed for seamless scalability and on-demand expansion for dynamic data and business needs. Consolidate your sprawling, single-purpose data tools into a single data platform with open connectivity to any technology and intuitive UI/UX to accelerate adoption. Whether you start with a single module or the entire platform, Semarchy’s world-class expertise and support will be an integral partner for successful implementations.

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Datavail is a leading provider of data management, AI/ML, analytics, and cloud services with more than 1,000 professionals helping clients build and manage applications and data via a world-class tech-enabled delivery platform and software solutions across all leading technologies. For over 17 years, Datavail has worked with 1,000s of companies.

Datavid Limited

Datavid helps organizations to get business value from their data by extracting and enriching enterprise data, using semantic techniques and LLMs. 

Datavid builds cost-effective data solutions that deliver customer success. 

Our expertise lies in data integration, NoSQL and Graph databases, LLMs, and data visualisation. We are technology agnostic working with leading data platforms like Snowflake, graph databases and cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and Google. 

We deliver systems that are the catalyst for growth and innovation in life sciences, knowledge management, Research, Publishing, and Standards Organisations. 

Reach out for a free consultation and discover how we can effectively help with your requirements.

Denodo Technologies


Denodo is a leader in data management. The award-winning Denodo Platform is the leading data integration, management, and delivery platform using a logical approach to enable self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services.

Visit us at for more information.



Fivetran is the leader in automated data movement. We automate the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process from extracts to schema drift handling to transformations. With 99.9% uptime and self-healing pipelines, Fivetran enables global brands, including Autodesk, JetBlue and Morgan Stanley, to accelerate data-driven decisions and drive business growth. 


Companies such as Visa, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Domino’s, Target, AT&T, and Sony Playstation trust Hazelcast’s unified real-time data platform to act instantly on all data to drive new revenue, mitigate risk, and operate efficiently, at a low TCO. It combines a distributed compute engine and a fast data store into a single runtime to process both streaming and batch data. Businesses simplify building, running and maintaining high-performance applications such as fraud detection, payments, trade monitoring, in-game betting, IoT edge computing, customer 360, real-time offers, and AI/ML deployments.


Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations including Facebook, Twitter,, and Verizon rely on MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems, and packaged software.

MySQL HeatWave is the only fully managed database service that combines transactions, analytics, and machine learning services into one MySQL Database, without the complexity, latency, and cost of ETL duplication. MySQL HeatWave includes MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, letting users query half a petabyte of data in object storage—in a variety of file formats, such as CSV, Parquet, and export files from other databases. Customers can leverage the benefits of HeatWave even when their data is stored outside a MySQL database.

 MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support to achieve the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security, reliability, and uptime. It reduces the risk, cost, and complexity in developing, deploying, and managing business-critical MySQL applications.

Quest Software Inc.

erwin by Quest offers an integrated, automated platform combining enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to help you maximize the business impact of your data. Through its data modeling, data catalog, data quality, data literacy and data marketplace capabilities, erwin provides an automated, holistic approach to data management, data governance and data intelligence. IT, governance teams and business users alike have the enterprise data visibility and self-service capabilities to find, understand, govern, score and leverage high-value, trusted data products and AI models to move your organization forward while mitigating risk.

Sandhill Consultants

Sandhill Consultants stands at the forefront of data management innovation, specializing in data modeling, cataloging, and governance. Our focus is on leveraging Erwin/Quest products to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to enhance Quest clients' experiences. By integrating these products with our unique insights and additional offerings from Quest, we offer a holistic approach to data management challenges.

For clients aiming to conduct DCAM assessments, or to develop business glossaries, data dictionaries, or models, Erwin/Quest products offer robust, efficient solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive unparalleled service and support, empowering them to meet their data management objectives with precision and ease.

Discover how our solutions can transform your data management strategy at


The leader in data automation and unification, Syncari empowers organizations to break down silos and unlock the true value of their data. With a low code/no code (LcNc) platform, businesses can seamlessly sync, unify, govern, and activate data across disparate systems, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and accessibility. 

Trusted by leading organizations such as Conga, CorroHealth, Deel, and Rapid7, Syncari is on a mission to redefine data management practices, fostering operational harmony, efficiency, informed decision-making, and unparalleled success for organizations across industries.

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Accelario has engineered the next generation of test data management technology, enabling teams operating in software engineers, DevOps, microservices, ML/AI, and/or cloud-based environments to work more efficiently and effectively. We accelerate application delivery by enabling shift-left testing with AI-powered masking, providing high-quality, production-based test data with full privacy compliance leveraging both virtual and physical data technologies at a lower cost. The result is faster and simpler development processes, higher-quality releases, and increased business growth. 


Jumpmind provides data movement and integration software for the enterprise. SymmetricDS captures changes in near real time across more than forty connectors with the ability to subset and transform. Metl provides a lightweight integration platform through a drag and drop interface by creating data pipelines.

Materialize Inc.
Materialize is your trusted Operational Data Warehouse. Delivering operational, up-to-the-second data is a challenge. Data warehouses are built to process in batches, adding complexity and cost as you move closer to real-time. Microservices are expensive and inconsistent. Stream processors are hard to manage and implement. Materialize is the only solution that packages the usability of your data warehouse with the power of streaming.

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