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Ajinkya Tarkunde

Lead Software Engineer

Picture of Ajinkya TarkundeAJ is a dynamic Lead Software Engineer at Chime, where he spearheads innovative solutions for complex data challenges. With a rich background that includes pivotal roles at eBay and Clover, he brings extensive expertise in backend engineering, focusing on server and data infrastructure. At Chime, AJ is a key member of the data platform team, dedicated to developing a cutting-edge data platform. This platform is designed to empower Chime engineers to seamlessly leverage data for transformative results. Additionally, AJ is at the forefront of integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into Chime’s technological framework, playing a vital role in driving these forward-thinking initiatives.

Outside the realm of software engineering, AJ is an avid swimmer with a passion for sea swimming. He has notably participated in challenging sea swimming races, including the iconic route from Alcatraz to San Francisco. This pursuit not only showcases his dedication and resilience but also reflects his ability to thrive in diverse and dynamic environments.

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