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Efrain Rodriquez

Business Intelligence and Metrics
U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)

Picture of Efrain RodriquezEfrain Rodriguez is former participant of the Senior Technical Development Program (STDP), and a former Directorate Data Steward at the US. Department of Defense (DoD). Efrain’s area of research is focused on augment Data Management/Data Governance methodologies to streamline integration of Data and AI. As a Data Steward, Efrain led various cross-directorate functional teams, and still participates in several data governance working group efforts geared toward improving data governance and data sharing standardization across DoD and the Intelligence Community (IC). Efrain has over 20 years of experience working Tactical/Technical Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), applied Research and Development, Cyber Policy/Cyber Tactical strategic operations, and Missile/Radar System Design and Development. Efrain has previously led tactical and strategic Cyber Mission Operations support for DoD, providing DoD customers with technical capabilities and expertise in cloud analytics, and systems/software engineering to support rapid prototype development organizations. 

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