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Many Data Summit speakers have made their presentations available online for attendees to view. Presentations will remain on the website so that you can refer to them at your convenience. If you don't see a presentation for a session, the speaker did not give us permission to post it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024


W1: Enterprise Data & Analytics Architecture Road Maps That Scale
W2: Building the Semantic Layer of Your Data Platform
Nash & Hilger - W2_Nash.pptx (26 MB)
W3: Constructing Your Data Strategy: A Business & Technical Foundation for Success
W4: Taking Advantage of Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing
Christy Bergman - Workshop Setup Instructions
Christy Bergman - Download presentation here
Christy Bergman - Instructions
Christy Bergman - W4_Bergman.txt (207 bytes)

Wednesday, May 8, 2024


Welcome & Keynote: A New Look at Infonomics in the Era of AI
Keynote: Data Security in the World of AI
Jain & Das - 0930_Jain.pptx (2 MB)
Keynote: How to Create a Collaborative Platform for Data Management and Governance
Felicia Perez - 0945_Perez.pptx (24 MB)

Modern Data Strategy Essentials Today

A101: Overcoming Data Silos
Wayne Eckerson - A101_Eckerson.pptx (7 MB)
A102: Strategy Informed by Data
Paige Roberts - A102_Roberts(1).pdf (11 MB)
Kevin Bohan - A102_Bohan.pptx (5 MB)
A103: Becoming an Insights-Driven Enterprise
A104: Building Effective Data Products
A105: Competing on Analytics
Seema Sundara - A105_Sundara.pdf (1 MB)

What’s Next in Data & Analytics Architecture

B101: Moving to a Modern Data Architecture
Aaron Cutshall - B101_Cutshall.pptx (1 MB)
B102: Enabling Real-Time Analytics
Timothy Spann - B102_Spann.pptx (114 MB)
B103: Improving Data Discovery
B104: Modern Data Ecosystems
B105: Architecting for Speed & Scale
Zoe Steinkamp - B105_Steinkamp.pptx (13 MB)

Data Mesh & Data Fabric Boot Camp

C101: Data Mesh in the Real World
C102: Taking Data Fabric to the Next Level
Jeff Fried - C102_Fried.pptx (19 MB)
C103: Data Mesh Best Practices
Elliott Cordo - C103_Cordo.pptx (2 MB)
Elliott Cordo - C103_Cordo(1).pptx (2 MB)
Elliott Cordo - C103_Cordo(2).pptx (2 MB)
C104: Data Fabric Key Enablers
John Bagnall - C104_Bagnall.pptx (8 MB)
C105: Simplifying Your Data Mesh Journey
Kieran O'Driscoll - C105_ODriscoll.pptx (7 MB)

AI & Machine Learning Summit

AI101: Succeeding With Generative AI
Kjell Carlsson - AI101_Carlsson.pptx (38 MB)
Smith & Padilla - AI101_Smith.pptx (7 MB)
AI102: Navigating the Landscape of AI Techniques
Michael Agarwal - AI102_Agarwal.pptx (17 MB)
AI103: Putting Generative AI to Work
Ranjeeta Bhattacharya - AI103_Bhattacharya.pptx (6 MB)
Yetkin Ozkucur - AI103_Ozkucur.pptx (13 MB)
AI104: The Rise of Vector Databases
Kevin Petrie - AI104_Petrie.pptx (2 MB)
AI105: Improving the Accuracy & Performance of AI Models
Salochina Oad - AI105_Oad.pptx (4 MB)

Thursday, May 9, 2024


Keynote: Mastering the Data Evolution: AI, Graph Modeling, & Tactical Curation
Beth Rudden - 0900_Rudden.pdf (68 MB)
Keynote: Modern Data & Analytics Architecture: Solving the Real-Time Challenge

Emerging Technologies & Trends in Data & Analytics

A201: Modernizing Your Data: New Platforms, Tools, & Trends
A202: Unlocking the Power of Data Science
Ali Rossi - A202_Rossi(1).pptx (38 MB)
A203: Adopting a DataOps Strategy
A204: Accelerating the Time to Value of Data

Navigating the Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Future

B201: Taking Your Data & Analytics to the Cloud
Michael Agarwal - B201_Agarwal.pptx (14 MB)
B202: Building & Managing Cloud Database Products
B203: Data Strategies for a Hybrid & Multi-Cloud World
Bolton & Corey - B203_Bolton.pptx (36 MB)
B204: Changing Landscape of Oracle Auditing
Corey & Bolton - B204_Corey.pptx (48 MB)

Database Management in the Era of DevOps, Microservices, & the Cloud

C201: Modern Apps: Achieving Agility, Scalability, & Reliability
C202: Transforming Your Apps With Real-Time Analytics
Robert Hodges - C202_Hodges(1).pdf (1 MB)
C203: Bridging the Gap Between Databases & DevOps
C204: Creating Knowledge Graphs
Heather Hedden - C204_Hedden.pdf (2 MB)

AI & Machine Learning Summit

AI201: Making AI Ethical & Explainable
AI202: Incorporating GenAI in Enterprise Apps
David Seuss - AI202_Seuss(2).pdf (1 MB)
AI203: Transforming Tools in the World of AI
AI204: Transformative Potential of Knowledge Graphs

Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote: 2024 Trends in Data Management & Data Fabric
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