Hadoop Day  
The Elephant is coming to Boston ...


Since its beginning as a project aimed at building a better web search engine for Yahoo – inspired by Google’s well-known MapReduce paper – Hadoop has grown to occupy the center of the big data marketplace. From data offloading to preprocessing, Hadoop is not only enabling the analysis of new data sources amongst a growing legion of enterprise users; it is changing the economics of data. Alongside this momentum is a budding ecosystem of Hadoop-related solutions, from open source projects like Spark, Hive and Drill, to commercial products offered on-premises and in the cloud. These new technologies are solving real-world big data challenges today.

Whether your organization is currently considering Hadoop and Hadoop-related solutions or already using them in production, Hadoop Day is your opportunity to connect with the experts in Boston and expand your knowledge base. This unique event has all the bases covered:

  • Enterprise Use Cases Today
  • Architecting a Scalable Hadoop Platform
  • Building Hadoop Applications
  • Data Warehouse Optimization with Hadoop
  • Troubleshooting Hadoop Performance Issues
  • Data Science with Hadoop
  • Machine-Learning with Spark
  • Data Analysis with Hive & Pig
  • Taking Advantage of SQL-on-Hadoop Solutions
  • Running Hadoop in the Cloud
  • Securing Data in Hadoop
  • Optimizing ETL with Hadoop
  • Diving into the Data Lake

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