DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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SQLstream, Inc.  
Damian Black, CEO  
Putting “Big Data on Tap,” SQLstream products enable businesses to harness action-oriented and predictive analytics, with on-the-fly visualization and streaming operational intelligence from their log file, sensor, network, and device data.

Syncsort, Inc.    
Flavio Santoni, CEO  
With “extreme data performance solutions,” Syncsort provides data integration and data protection software and services to help organizations gain measurable value and improve business-critical decision making.

Jorge Lopez, Senior Manager

View from the Top by Jorge Lopez, Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing, Syncsort

Customers across a wide variety of industries know analyzing Big Data is critical to sustain competitiveness. More importantly, they are quickly realizing that traditional architectures won’t help them, especially when it comes to integrating data – what we commonly know as ETL. Therefore, they are looking for alternative solutions, predominantly Hadoop, to process more data in less time and at a much lower cost. Hadoop is generating broad interest, and its adoption is increasing, however, it is not a complete enterprise ETL solution ... read on


Tableau Software, Inc.      
Christian Chabot, CEO & Co-Founder         
With a mission to help people see and understand data, Tableau provides business intelligence and analytics software that enables users to work with data no matter where it lives and makes interactive data visualization an intrinsic aspect of understanding data.

Jim Foy, CEO & Executive Chairman           
Talend’s unified portfolio includes data integration, data quality,master data  management, enterprise service bus, and business process management solutions that allow organizations to leverage all of their data assets and accelerate time to value.

Teradata Corp.      
Michael Koehler, President & CEO      
Teradata, an analytic data solutions company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications, provides a single view of data to enable customers to leverage data assets to gain strategic insight, recognize emerging trends, and make faster decisions.

Terracotta, Inc., Subsidiary of Software AG    
Robin Gilthorpe, CEO & Member of Software AG Group Executive Board            
Enabling “performance at any scale,” Terracotta is a provider of big data management solutions and services, with a flagship in-memory data management solution for big data that enables enterprise-grade high availability, configurable data consistency guarantees, fault-tolerance and fast restart.

Gagan Mehra, Chief Evangelist, Terracotta

View from the Top by Gagan Mehra, Chief Evangelist, Terracotta

Terracotta, Inc. is the leading provider of game changing high-volume, high-value Big Data management solutions for Global enterprises. Its flagship product, BigMemory, is a Big Data in-memory solution that delivers performance at any scale. Terracotta’s other award-winning data management solutions include Ehcache—the defacto caching standard for enterprise Java—and Quartz—a leading job scheduler ... read on

TIBCO Software, Inc.           
Vivek Ranadivé, Chairman & CEO  
TIBCO, which offers infrastructure software for companies to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments, provides what it calls “the two-second advantage”— the right information, at the right time, to enable decisive action for a competitive advantage.

TransLattice, Inc.
Frank Huerta, CEO & Co-Founder   
TransLattice, the geographically distributed database company, combines computing resources, whether on-premise or in the cloud, to enable enterprise databases and applications to be spread across an organization as needed, resulting in higher availability, scalability, and better performance for users wherever they are located.

Bruce Reading, President & CEO     
NewSQL vendor VoltDB provides an in-memory relational database that offers high-velocity data ingestion, ACID compliance, high scalability, and real-time analytics to enable organizations to gain maximum value from their data.

Yellowfin International Pty Ltd.           
Glen Rabie, CEO & Co-Founder      
Placing a premium on “making it easy by keeping it simple,” business intelligence provider Yellowfin provides the insight users need to make better decisions, and delivers all functionality via an integrated platform.

Glen Rabie, CEO and Co-Founder, Yellowfin

View from the Top by Glen Rabie, CEO and Co-Founder, Yellowfin

It’s become clear to me that the Business Intelligence (BI) market is undergoing a period of significant change. Organizations now realize the potential and value of empowering people—throughout the enterprise—with the ability to take better, faster fact-based action ... read on

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