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Weaving a Data Literate Culture within the Enterprise at Data Summit 2023

Prioritizing data quality is step one to becoming data-driven. However, what is step one to improving data quality? In most IT suites, the argument is better processes, better data fields, and better technology. Kasara Weinrich, principal consultant, future of work, ADP disagrees. Organizational data literacy is the most important step to truly achieving great data quality, data-driven decision making, and data management. At Data Summit 2023, Weinrich talked about this during her session, "Data as a Second Language: Every Layer of Your Organization Needs to Be Fluent." Read More

Why Zero Trust is Essential for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Zero Trust model has emerged as a game-changing approach to data backup and security. With the proliferation of cyberattacks in recent years, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. In 2023 alone, it is projected that cybercrime will cost businesses around the world over $8 trillion. This staggering figure underscores the urgent need for companies to adopt a more comprehensive approach to data protection. Read More

Tech Startups to Watch in 2023

Startups continue to emerge this year, addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities in innovative and novel ways. The landscape is constantly changing, and 2023 is no different. These companies bring fresh approaches to accelerating digital transformation, expanding what's possible with AI and analytics, breaking down silos, enhancing security, improving data observability, becoming a part of data fabric or mesh, and more. Read More

Breaking Down Generative AI at Data Summit 2023

The global hype surrounding ChatGPT, large language models (LLMs), and generative AI has launched a plethora of conversations about its efficacy in the business sphere; yet understanding how to best leverage these tools remains rather elusive. At Data Summit 2023, David Seuss led the session, "Investigating Neural Networks and AI," focusing on what ChatGPT, LLMs, and generative AI are, as well as how they can provide a competitive edge for a wide variety of organizations seeking to drive positive business outcomes. Read More



Todd Schraml

Database Elaborations

Todd Schraml

  • Grok the Data In 1961, a clever science fiction author named Robert Heinlein coined a new term in one of his novels. The term was "grok." Grok is a wonderful word that means "to empathize or communicate sympathetically; also, to experience enjoyment," and is a term similar to the later sixties phrase "dig it." Grok meanings also include "to drink," "to love," and "to be one with." Grok can apply when one experiences those moments of insight as a new realization coalesces in one's mind, or as that joyful experience continues to provide a thrill. Perhaps grok can be a mental state one achieves as one attains the peacefulness advertised in another 1960s term—"be here now." Grokking can be vital in working through the creation of a new logical data model. If one does not understand the data, then one cannot model the data. Alternately, if one groks the data, the data modeling efforts will flow freely.
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Craig S. Mullins

DBA Corner

Craig S. Mullins

  • Transforming a Logical Database Design to a Physical Database The end goal of database design is to be able to transform a logical data model into an actual physical database. A logical data model is required before you can even begin to design a physical database. Assuming that the logical data model is complete, though, what must be done to implement a physical database?
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Kevin Kline

SQL Server Drill Down

Kevin Kline

  • New Troubleshooting Capabilities in SQL Server and Azure SQL Microsoft has recently released a powerful new DMV specifically to help with memory issues, sys.dm_os_out_of_memory_events. It is currently available in Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Man­aged Instances. This DMV consolidates and simplifies telemetry from SQL Server ring buffers, applies heuristics, and provides a result set. The DMV stores a record for each out-of-memory (OOM) event that occurs within the database, providing details about the OOM root cause, the memory consumption of database engine components at that point in time, potential sources of memory leaks, and more.
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Guy Harrison

MongoDB Matters

Guy Harrison

  • MongoDB Atlas – Beyond the UI Mongo Atlas—MongoDB's Database as a Service offering—has become increasingly central to MongoDBs commercial strategy. Since its launch in 2016, MongoDB has onboarded tens of thousands of customers to Atlas, and Atlas now represents almost two-thirds of MongoDB's revenue.
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  • Demystifying Observability With Four Simple Questions 2022 was a big year for observability. Many businesses made concerted efforts to gain a better understanding of its value. Leading technology research firms applauded its potential impact to simplify increasingly complex IT environments, with Gartner featuring observability in its "Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends" report. Analysts predicted a bright future for the technology, with some suggesting observability adoption would increase at a compound annual growth of 8.2%.
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