DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Kathleen Owens, President & General Manager—Attachmate Business Unit of The Attachmate Group
Attachmate delivers business information to the right users, in the right formats, via the right devices. Spanning categories such as terminal emulation, enterprise fraud management, managed file transfer, legacy modernization, PC X Server, and Unisys, Attachmate software is used in industries ranging from financial services, healthcare, and government to retail, travel, and manufacturing

Tom Bice, Vice President, Products and Marketing, Attachmate

View from the Top bTom Bice, Vice President, Products and Marketing, Attachmate

Today’s on-the-go workforce is driving us all to connect more data to more people on more devices. And there’s no shortage of “newer and better” ways to help you do that. But despite the persistent buzz about emerging technologies, keep this simple principle in mind: The fastest way to get results is to build on what you have ... read on.

Attivio, Inc.  
Ali I. Riaz, CEO                
Attivio bills itself as the “Return on Information Assets” company, and with its Active Intelligence Engine, is helping companies bridge the gap between unstructured and structured data, internal and external, for a brand new world of insights.

Attunity Ltd.                
Shimon Alon, Chairman & CEO               
Attunity is committed to helping companies achieve the goal of the “real-time enterprise” with a portfolio of products that enable information availability through data access, data replication, change data capture, and data federation. 

Basho Technologies, Inc.     
Greg Collins, President & CEO 
Basho Technologies is the developer of a NoSQL distributed database designed for high-availability, fault-tolerance, and operational simplicity that is available in open source and commercial editions; as well as a scalable software solution enabling distributed public and private cloud storage.

Bobby Patrick, CMO, Bash

View from the Top by Bobby Patrick, CMO, Basho

Over the past year it has been great to see the “Big Data” moniker lose some of its glamour as a catch-all phrase. Fortunately, Hadoop’s role is now well understood for ... read on.

Birst, Inc.        
Brad Peters, CEO & Co-Founder              
Calling its approach “Agile Business Analytics,” Birst provides a BI solution with integrated ETL, data warehouse automation, enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, and dashboarding. Birst can be deployed in the cloud as SaaS and as an on-premise virtual appliance.

BMC Software, Inc.     
Robert E. Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board, 
President & CEO          

Following the philosophy that business runs better when IT runs at its best, BMC helps customers cut costs, reduce risk, and achieve business objectives with a broad array of IT management solutions, including business service management and cloud management offerings.

CA Technologies              
Michael P. Gregoire, CEO        
Enabling deep insight and exceptional control, CA Technologies’ IT management solutions help customers manage and secure complex, mixed IT environments to support agile business services—from the data center to the cloud and across the complete service lifecycle.

Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing, CA ERwin

View from the Top by Donna Burbank, VP of Product Marketing, CA ERwin

At CA Technologies, we’ve been supporting data management professionals for over twenty years with our CA ERwin® data modeling products, and we feel privileged to have been an active part of the rapid transformation in the field of data management during this time. One of the more exciting changes I’ve seen is the increased interest and participation from the business side of customer organizations ... read on

Alan Hoffman, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer        
Cloudant offers a distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for loading, storing, analyzing, and distributing operational application data for developers of large and/or web and mobile applications. Cloudant’s DBaaS is delivered as a managed service, helping developers accelerate time-to-market.

Cloudera, Inc.             
Mike Olson, CEO             
Cloudera is a provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services with deep involvement in the Hadoop community. Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution delivers core elements of Hadoop, along with enterprise capabilities such as security, high availability, and integration with a range of hardware and software solutions. 

Clustrix, Inc.                
Robin Purohit, President  & CEO            
NewSQL database company Clustrix offers a scale-out database engineered for the cloud, letting users add more nodes to their cluster as demand grows. Clustrix supports standard SQL and provides ACID guarantees.

Robin Purohit, CEO, Clustrix

View from the Top by Robin Purohit, CEO, Clustrix

Clustrix is the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud.

The combination of big data and cloud computing has broken the legacy database, creating an industry transition to new scale-out database platforms. Clustrix has delivered on a complete reinvention of the relational database, and the result is a highly differentiated platform that is ideal for the industry transition to cloud computing ... read on

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