DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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CodeFutures Corp.
Cory Isaacson, CEO     
Empowering enterprises to “share nothing, shard everything,” CodeFutures is a supplier of database performance tools that reduce the time and effort required to develop database applications as well as increase deployed database scalability and performance.

Composite Software, Inc.        
Jim Green, Chairman & CEO    
Composite Software enables customers to take “big advantage” of their data, with a data virtualization approach that allows them to integrate data from diverse sources in a unified and logically virtualized manner for consumption by front-end business solutions such as portals, reports applications, and search.

Jim Green, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Composite Software

View from the Top by Jim Green, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Composite Software

With so much data today, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is often how well they leverage their data. Significant leverage equals significant business value, and that’s a big advantage over the competition ... read on

Compuware Corp.         
Joseph Angileri, President & COO          
Compuware, the technology performance company, delivers software, experts, and best practices to make applications work well and deliver business value. Compuware’s industry-leading offerings span application performance management, business portfolio management, mainframe solutions, application development, cloud solutions, and professional services.

Paul Czarnik, Compuware Chief Technology Officer, Compuware

View from the Top by Paul Czarnik, Compuware Chief Technology Officer, Compuware

You can’t hide from complexity. It’s everywhere—from new technologies and rapidly evolving consumer expectations, to the shifting role IT plays in every business. Every company must become a technology company whether they’re prepared to or not. Compuware, the Technology Performance Company, has spent four decades helping companies face, understand, and tame the problems inherent in an ever-shifting business and technology landscape. Today this landscape is undergoing seismic changes, creating a “New Normal” for IT ... read on.

Confio Software       
Matt Larson, CEO           
Confio provides DevOps performance solutions to help IT departments radically improve the process of managing database performance. Its flagship product supports systems based on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and SAP Sybase databases, running on VMware virtual servers as well as conventional platforms.

Don Bergal, CMO, Confio Software

View from the Top by Don Bergal, CMO, Confio Software

Development and production teams often work in silos, with separate tools and measures of success, and warring tensions between change and stability. Many of us have experienced firsthand how this fundamental tension underlies—and often undermines—IT initiatives. Development wants continuous change and enhancement. Production and operations want stability and controlled change. Finding a way to focus all IT teams on working together toward the common goal of business success is critical ... read on.

Continuent, Inc.             
Robert Hodges, CEO   
With clustering and replication solutions for MySQL and Oracle, Continuent’s products and services enable companies running mission-critical applications, on-premise and in the cloud, to achieve commercial-grade high availability and disaster recovery capabilities that enable continuity.

Robert Hodges, CEO, Continuent Tunsten

View from the Top by Robert Hodges, CEO, Continuent Tunsten

The business world depends on data. Continuent’s Tungsten software offers a database-as-a-service that gives cost-effective MySQL databases the enterprise-class clustering and replication required by business-critical applications. Continuent Tungsten provides 24x7 data availability, performance scaling, and simple management without risky application changes or database upgrades. Continuent Tungsten operates at a fraction of the cost of commercial DBMS servers like Oracle and MS SQL Server ... read on

Couchbase, Inc.              
Bob Wiederhold, President & CEO         
Couchbase is a provider of document-oriented NoSQL database technology, and the company behind the Couchbase open source project. Its flagship product is a packaged version of Couchbase technology, available in community and enterprise editions.

Datameer, Inc.           
Stefan Groschupf, CEO                
Providing big data analytics for Hadoop, Datameer enables business users to discover insights in any data via wizard-based data integration, iterative point-and-click analytics, and drag-and-drop visualizations, regardless of the data type, size, or source. Datameer supports all major Hadoop distributions.

Billy Bosworth, CEO
DataStax develops solutions based on Apache Cassandra, the open source NoSQL database technology. Its flagship offering, built on Cassandra, enables users to perform real-time transactions with Cassandra, analytics with Apache Hadoop, and enterprise search with Apache Solr, in a single integrated big data platform.

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.)        
Scott Hayes, President & CEO  
Known for its professional-grade database performance management tools, DBI provides a range of products, including solutions for database and SQL tuning; real-time alerting; response time analysis and SLA attainment; and real-time monitoring of KPIs.

Scott Hayes, President & Founder, DBI Software

View from the Top by Scott Hayes, President & Founder, DBI Software

Scott Hayes is an IBM DB2 LUW Performance Expert, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant, IBM Information Management Champion, US patent inventor, published author, blogger on DB2 LUW performance topics, and popular frequent speaker at IBM IOD and IDUG Conferences. He started DBI Software in July 2005 with one simple mission: “Help People!” Eight years later, this simple mission is still DBI’s #1 core value, though Mr. Hayes admits, “We are better at helping people with DB2 than their marriages or cars" ... read on.

Dell, Inc.           
Michael S. Dell, Chairman of the Board & CEO 
From personal computing to the enterprise, Dell offers a wide array of IT services, hardware, solutions, and products. Recent acquisitions such as Quest Software, a provider of IT management solutions, have further added to Dell’s expanding product portfolio.

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