DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Google, Inc.               
Larry Page, CEO        
With a name that’s synonymous with search, Google has expanded its internet-related services and products to span a wide range of offerings, including an online advertising tool centered around keyword search, and a popular video-sharing website.

Justin Borgman, CEO & Co-Founder    
Hadapt’s big data analytic platform natively integrates SQL with Apache Hadoop to enable customers to analyze all of their structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in a single platform.

HiT Software, Inc.,
a BackOffice Associates,
LLC Company   
Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director            
A provider of change data capture and data integration products for heterogeneous databases, HiT Software offers standards-based products supporting access to critical data, ensuring data availability, and offering programming-free data integration across enterprise systems.

Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director of HiT Software

View from the Top by Giacomo Lorenzin, Managing Director of HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates LLC Compan, HiT Software, Inc.

At HiT Software, we know that fresh data is key to business success. Our clients rely on information about their systems, business units, customers or vendors that is no more than few hours, and often only a few minutes old. Reporting on seasonal pricing and promotions, or consumption of goods versus parts, or financial planning on interest earned all demand actionable data in real-time ... read on

Hortonworks, Inc.       
Rob Bearden, CEO        
Believing that the fastest way to innovate is to work within the open source community, Hortonworks, a commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop as well as a contributor to Hadoop projects, provides a 100% open source data management platform for Apache Hadoop.

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)             
Meg Whitman, CEO & President          
Started in 1939 by Stanford University classmates in a garage–now a California historical landmark—HP continues to lead innovation with products across printing,personal computing,software,services,and IT infrastructure.

IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)     
Virginia M. (Ginni) Rometty, Chairman,
President & CEO
With breakthroughs spanning the mainframe computer to bold support of Linux and open source technologies to Watson’s artificial intelligence, IBM continues to build on its history of progress with advancements in hardware, software, solutions and services.

Idera, Inc.    
Randy Jacops, CEO  
Idera is a provider of application and server management software for physical and virtual server platforms, with solutions for server backup, SQL Server administration, and SharePoint administration.

Index Engines, Inc.
Tim Williams, Founder & CEO
Helping companies face the challenges around organizing enterprise data and making it accessible and useful, Index Engines provides enterprise information management and archiving solutions, including a patented platform that creates a searchable profile of the enterprise data that exists. 

Don DeLoach, President & CEO              
Allowing organizations to address the challenges and opportunities presented by M2M data and the “Internet of Things,” Infobright develops and markets a high performance, self-tuning analytic database for applications and data marts that analyze “machine-generated data.”

Don DeLoach, President and CEO, Infobright

View from the Top by Don DeLoach, President and CEO, Infobright

Infobright is proud to be selected for inclusion in the DBTA 100. Infobright’s investigative analytic engine enables organizations to extract rich, real-time insight from machine-generated data at the speed of business. Specifically focused on the rapid analysis of volumes of information from Web logs, mobile data, call records, stock tickers, sensors and more, Infobright empowers organizations to ask all the questions they want, and get the detailed answers they need to make better, faster and more profitable decisions ... read on.

Jim Kaskade, Chairman & CEO                
Helping enterprises take on their hardest big data challenges, Infochimps provides cloud services that make it faster and easier to build and manage big data applications in public, virtual private, and private clouds. 

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