DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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NuoDB, Inc.       
Barry Morris, Founder & CEO          
New SQL database company NuoDB offers a SQL-compliant database based on an asynchronous, peer-to-peer, decentralized database architecture. Guaranteeing ACID transactions, the database scales out/in elastically on decentralized computing resources in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

Objectivity, Inc.
David Caplan, Chairman       
NoSQL database technology provider Objectivity offers a distributed graph database that helps customers “connect the dots” on a global scale, and a distributed object management database that helps developers of enterprise, government, and web-scale services to manage and query data in high-volume environments.

John J. Jarrell, CEO, Objectivity, Inc.

View from the Top by John J. Jarrell, CEO, Objectivity, Inc.

Within today’s ever-changing landscape of technology and consumer requirements, it can be difficult to understand what solutions are relevant for your data management needs. Wading through the hype of new solutions that can accomplish everything has taken up precious time and energy from the leadership of established organizations. Understanding how to implement the right tool for the job is not as simple as it seems and in many cases, it’s best to take into consideration the advantages of utilizing proven technologies to drive the most value from your solution stack ... read on

Oracle Corp.        
Lawrence J. Ellison, CEO      
Providing an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems, Oracle advocates that “Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together”enables better results—in the cloud and in data centers—from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications.

Pentaho Corp.     
Quentin Gallivan, Chairman & CEO 
With an open source heritage that continues to drive its innovation, Pentaho’s suite of capabilities span data access and integration, discovery, analysis, and visualization—with the flexibility to deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or embedded into other applications and access to virtually all data sources.

Percona, LLC     
Peter Zaitsev, Founder & CEO         
An independent provider of MySQL professional services, Percona offers consulting, support, training, remote DBA, and server development services, as well as a range of software for MySQL users, and also hosts MySQL-centered events in the U.S. and London.

Terry Erisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Percona

View from the Top by Terry Erisman, Chief Marketing Officer, Percona

Percona makes MySQL faster and more reliable for nearly 2,000 customers worldwide. Founded in 2006 to provide MySQL Consulting services, we’ve grown rapidly with the addition of MySQL Support, Remote DBA, Training, and Server Development services. Our global workforce of nearly 100 now provides 24x7, worldwide coverage to our customer base of leading MySQL users ... read on

Pick Cloud, Inc.         
Mark Pick, President & CEO
Offering cloud-based services for the MultiValue market, Pick Cloud provides a fully managed, cloud hosted environment while preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue PICK applications through smarter processes and efficient technology.

Platfora, Inc.     
Ben Werther, Founder & CEO          
With an in-memory business intelligence platform for Hadoop and big data, Platfora offers a web-based interface for exploring and analyzing big data, and uses HTML5 to enable collaborative data analysis across any device or platform.

Progress Software Corp.    
Phil Pead, President & CEO  
Progress provides software to simplify and enable the development, deployment and management of business applications on-premise or on cloud, on any platform and on any device with minimal IT complexity and low total cost of ownership.

Graham Weston, Chairman & Co-Founder   
Known for its “Fanatical Support,” Rackspace offers enterprise cloud computing services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. Its portfolio of IT products includes public cloud, private cloud, hybrid hosting and dedicated hosting.

RainStor, Inc.      
John Bantleman, CEO         
Leveraging data deduplication and compression, RainStor, a provider of big data management software, offers an enterprise database that runs natively on multiple versions of Hadoop, and enables fast and flexible analytics using standard SQL, BI tools, MapReduce, and other tools

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