Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

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SQL Sentry
SQL Sentry Event Manager—scheduling, alerting, and response system for optimizing schedule performance of database servers
SQLstream, Inc.
SQLstreama SQL standard big data stream processing engine, with real-time analytics, continuous integration and streaming visualization
Syncsort, Inc.
DMX-h—enables organizations to do Hadoop sort and Hadoop ETL without the need for custom code
Tableau Software, Inc.
Tableau 8—analytics and visualization software offering web and mobile authoring and new data connections
Teradata Corp.
Teradata Aster Discovery Platform—provides insights from big data through an integrated solution optimized for multiple analytics on all data
Terracotta (now part of Software AG)
BigMemory version 4.0—in-memory data platform that enables faster data access, scaling to larger data
TIBCO Software, Inc.
TIBCO Spotfire 6.0—data discovery and visualization platform presents KPIs on mobile devices and enables analysis of data in geographic context

Frank Huerta, CEO

Translattice, Inc.
TransLattice Elastic Database (TED)—geographically distributed RDBMS that enables deployment on multiple public cloud provider networks, virtual machines, and physical hardware

Product Spotlight by Frank Huerta, CEO

An enterprise RDBMS that spans the globe is now a reality with the geographically distributed TransLattice Elastic DatabaseTM (TED). The nodes are placed wherever needed, without the distance limitations often associated with distributed systems. The system scales out easily and the data is spread across the nodes ... read on.

Treasure Data
Treasure Data—Hadoop-based big data as-a-service platform
VoltDB—in-memory relational database combining highvelocity
data ingestion, scalability, and real-time analytics
Xplenty Big Data platform—cloud-based code-free Hadoop-as-a-service allows users to manipulate data in a code-free environment
Yellowfin International Pty Ltd.
Yellowfin—intuitive web-based reporting and analytics solution

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