Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

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Steve Guilford, Founder & President

Database Plugins, LLC
dbPlugin Server—user-extensibility framework for databases that enables programmers to extend the logical infrastructure of the Oracle Database

Product Spotlight by Steve Guilford, Founder & President

Database Plugins is pleased to have its keystone product, the Database Plugin Server, selected as a trend-setting application for 2013 by DBTA. The Database Plugin Server has certainly fostered a continuing line of innovative products. Significantly, it has spawned a set of framework tools and products that enable the seamless integration of multimedia data and the Oracle Database ... read on. 

DataStax Enterprise—enterprise platform built on Apache Cassandra, the open source NoSQL database technology

Eric Russo, Director of SQL Server & MySQL Client Services

Datavail Corp.
Datavail Delta—automated, customizable database monitoring tool offered in conjunction with remotely managed DBaaS

Product Spotlight by Eric Russo, Director of SQL Server & MySQL Client Services

Database monitoring is useless unless your monitoring system can seamlessly raise intelligent alerts to dispatch the optimum level of response. That’s why Datavail, the largest pure-play database services company in North America, developed Datavail Delta, a tool built to monitor a wide variety of OS and Database parameters ... read on.

Ben Plummer, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Datawatch Corp.
Datawatch Visual Data Discovery—enables access and visualization of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data

Product Spotlight by Ben Plummer, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

The promise of “Big Data” has driven organizations to rethink their approach to traditional business intelligence. To stay competitive, organizations need to harness all of the relevant information to run the business regardless of its type (variety), its size (volume) or the speed in which its delivered (velocity). Datawatch is at the forefront of Next Generation Analytics by providing organizations the ability to analyze and understand Any Data Variety, regardless of structure, at Real-time Velocity, through an unmatched Visual Data Discovery environment ... read on. 

Datical, Inc.
Datical DB—automates, simplifies, and manages database schema change, configuration, and complex& dependencies as part of the application release process

Scott Hayes, President & Founder

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.)
DBI pureFeat Performance Suite for IBM DB2 LUW—database performance analytics, response time analytics, alerting, and monitoring

Product Spotlight by Scott Hayes, President & Founder

Thank you, DBTA, for this distinctive honor, and for the opportunity to share a few words about what makes DBI Software’s pureFeat™ Performance Management suite for IBM DB2 LUW distinctively different. In a word, RESULTS. We can give you more references in retail, banking, finance, insurance, government, health care, and others than you’ll have time to call ... read on.

Chris McNabb, Dell Boomi GM

Dell Software
Dell Boomi AtomSphere—cloud integration platform (iPaaS) providing a web-based GUI to visually model an integration process between applications.

Product Spotlight by Chris McNabb, Dell Boomi GM

Dell Boomi AtomSphere, the world’s largest integration cloud, enables customers to connect any combination of cloud and on-premise applications without software, appliances or coding. Organizations of all sizes, from growing companies to very large enterprises, enjoy rapid time to value as a result of drastically reduced implementation times and substantial cost savings over traditional integration solutions ... read on.

Rick Caccia, VP, Marketing

Delphix 3.0 database virtualization platform—extends support to include Oracle Real Application Clusters and Microsoft SQL Server

Product Spotlight by Rick Caccia, VP, Marketing

Delphix delivers agility to enterprise application projects, addressing the largest source of inefficiency and inflexibility in the datacenter—provisioning, managing, and refreshing databases for business-critical applications. With Delphix in place, QA engineers spend more time testing and less time waiting for new data, increasing utilization of expensive test infrastructure. Analysts and managers make better decisions with fresh data in data marts and warehouses ... read on. 

Angel Vina, Founder & CEO

Denodo Technologies
Denodo Platform 5.0—provides key capabilities for data virtualization and enterprise data services

Product Spotlight by Angel Vina, Founder & CEO

The race is on! Winners and losers in business are being decided based on who can extract more value from exponentially increasing information, with agility, to meet business goals. With Denodo, business strategists, CIOs and other IT experts can plan the implementation of a shared data layer across the enterprise, expose a common data model and a unified interface over a multiplicity of diverse data sources that can feed and support an increasing number of business applications, from BI and analytics to portals, operational applications and web and mobile apps ... read on.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
ER/Studio—family of data modeling products that enables data modelers and data architects to analyze, document, and share essential metadata

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