Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

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EMC Corp.
VPlex—family of virtual storage technology products

Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

Empolis Information Management GmbH
Empolis Competitive Intelligence—solution offers advanced information and language technologies to provide information relevant to technology, the market, and the competition

Product Spotlight by Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Then you know that this endeavor demands systematic analysis of information on new patents, new technologies, competitors, competing products, market developments, industries and customer expectations. Only those, who have access to the full spectrum of information and are able to evaluate that information correctly, are truly capable of making the right decisions and position themselves strategically in the market. For this purpose, an efficient “radar system” provides essential support in managing these tasks: the Empolis Competitive Intelligence solution is the antenna that brings important information (or signals) to your screen ... read on.

Ed Boyajian, President & CEO

EnterpriseDB Corp.
Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3—enterprise-grade RDBMS based on open source PostgreSQL database with expanded Oracle compatibility features

Product Spotlight by Ed Boyajian, President & CEO

EnterpriseDB has created the products and an ecosystem of services and support to enable global enterprises to deploy open source software in the data center using Postgres to power their most important applications. The success of open source has been realized in other layers of the enterprise stack; Xen and KVM for virtualization, Linux for operating systems, and JBoss and Apache for middleware. Forward-thinking CIOs are now turning increasingly to the database layer and to Postgres to reduce their reliance on costly proprietary solutions ... read on.

Entrinsik, Inc.
Informer—agile, web-based reporting business intelligence solution that integrates real-time data from multiple sources without requiring an ETL process

GenieDB, Inc.
GenieDB Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service—allows organizations to take advantage of GenieDB’s automated platform to build web-scale applications

Hadapt Adaptive Analytical Platform—brings a native implementation of SQL to the Apache Hadoop open source project

HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates, LLC Company
DBMoto 8—real-time, heterogeneous replication, CDC, and data integration

Hortonworks, Inc.
Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0—commercial distribution built on the Hadoop 2 release from the Apache Software Foundation

Shilpa Lawande, VP Software Engineering and Customer Experience

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)
Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1—analytics platform provides a new connector to pull data from HDFS with optimal parallelism without any additional MapReduce coding

Product Spotlight by Shilpa Lawande, VP Software Engineering and Customer Experience

What do FarmVille, Guess and the Obama campaign have in common? These are shining examples of successes created by data-driven organizations. The technology that makes these possible is the HP Vertica Analytic Platform, a highly scalable and purpose-built platform for big data analytics. Founded in 2005 by database legend Michael Stonebraker, and acquired by HP in 2011, Vertica has become the de-facto standard for analytics within companies like Zynga, Guess, Twitter, Comcast, Cerner, HP, and many others ... read on. 

IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)
DB2 10.5—RDBMS that handles both high-volume transactional workloads and data-intensive analytic workloads and, with BLU Acceleration, aims for analytics at the speed of thought

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