Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

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MarkLogic Corp.
MarkLogic 7—Enterprise NoSQL database platform adds new features to enable database elasticity, and searchable tiered storage
McAfee—an Intel Company
McAfee Database Security—product suite for realtime protection for business-critical databases
Melissa Data Corp.
Melissa Data products and services—global data quality and address management

Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions
Product Spotlight by Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions

Since 1985, data quality’s been our obsession—the driving force behind many of our scalable data cleansing and enrichment solutions. It’s this passion that’s culminated in the creation of Melissa Data’s new flagship Personator technology, our next-generation enterprise data quality solution ... read on.

MemSQL, Inc.
MemSQL 2.5—distributed in-memory database with support for JSON analytics, to deliver a consolidated view of structured and semistructured data
MicroStrategy, Inc.
MicroStrategy Analytics Platform—family of analytics solutions includes three distinct products: Enterprise, Desktop, and Express
MongoDB, Inc.
MongoDB Enterprise—commercial edition of MongoDB NoSQL document-oriented database
Ntirety, Inc.
Remote Database Administration as a Service—experienced Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL Database Administrators to augment existing IT teams

Andy Sherman, COO
Product Spotlight by Andy Sherman, COO

Performance as a Service is the hottest new service every database manager must know about because it delivers rapid problem resolution for application and database performance issues. Ntirety provides Database Performance as a Service through a powerful combination of technology and skills which incorporates our own Ntrust™ Database Appliance with AppDynamics PRO and DBTuna software. By bundling these together in a service, you don’t need to purchase, install or manage new hardware and software to gain access to powerful performance management capabilities ... read on. 

NuoDB, Inc.
NuoDB Blackbirds Release 2.0—NewSQL database designed to support global distribution of a
Objectivity, Inc.
InfiniteGraph—distributed graph database for big data analytics

John J Jarrell, CEO

Product Spotlight by John J Jarrell, CEO

Objectivity, Inc. is the Enterprise Database leader of real-time, complex Big Data solutions. Our leading edge technologies: InfiniteGraph, The Distributed Graph Database™ and Objectivity/DB, a distributed and scalable object management database, enable organizations to develop scalable solutions to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics, develop new ROI opportunities and improve inter-departmental business processes to achieve greater return on data-related investments ... read on.

Oracle Corp.
Oracle Database 12c—provides multitenant option enabling many databases to be managed as one

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