Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

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ParStream GmbH
ParStream—distributed, MPP columnar database that delivers interactive analytical results on structured and semistructured data
Pentaho Corp.
Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0—provides a full spectrum of analytics and new interface to simplify user experience
Percona, LLC
Percona Server 5.6—offers the improvements found in MySQL 5.6 Community Edition plus scalability, availability,backup, and security features
Pick Cloud, Inc.
Pick Cloud—hosting, cloud computing, system backups, and disaster recovery for MultiValue applications
Platfora, Inc.
Platfora Big Data Analytics 3.0—a native in-memory BI platform for Hadoop that makes big data accessible to business users
Progress Software Corp.
DataDirect Cloud—enables applications to integrate data from SaaS, relational database, big data, social, CRM, and ERP systems

Dion Picco, Product Manager
Product Spotlight by Dion Picco, Product Manager

Business intelligence initiatives, real-time dashboards, and improved reporting are on everyone’s radar. Unfortunately, data is more dispersed than ever before, increasingly distributed in the various SaaS applications that a business relies upon. This makes the challenge of implementing these initiatives far more difficult than in the ‘good ole days,’ where one could simply connect the tools directly to a database. Progress Software’s DataDirect Cloud changes the game, allowing SaaS data to be accessible just like a regular relational database ... read on.

Adminiscope—SaaS privileged session management tool for outsourced services companies that records and monitors database, server, and network activities
QlikTech International
QlikView Business Discovery—in-memory
associative search technology allows users to explore information for self-service BI
Qubole Data Service (QDS)—provides a big data as a service platform that includes data connectors for Hive, Pig, Oozie, and Sqoop
RainStor, Inc.
RainStor 5.5—Big data database stores structured and semi-structured data at low-cost scale

Product Spotlight by John Bantleman, CEO
John Bantleman, CEO

Many of the world's most successful companies use Teradata, the world-class enterprise data warehouse, for their high-stakes analytics needs. With rapid data growth and business demands for access to new data sources, the warehouse is experiencing constantly changing demands. Scale and performance are central to those business needs and organizations are now looking to optimize their most critical analytics environments. As data ages, it is less frequently analyzed so organizations are now taking a serious look at dedicated archiving solutions. Doing so is critical for companies with significant compliance requirements. That's where RainStor comes in .. read on.

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