Al Gamarra

Manager of Product Marketing, Emulex Corp.

Al Gamarra is manager of product marketing for Emulex Corp., a global provider of enterprise-class solutions and technologies that intelligently connect storage, servers and networks, to ensure data access that's open, secure and adaptable. For more information about Emulex, go to

Articles by Al Gamarra

More than ever before, 2011 is poised to be the year companies take advantage of increasingly sophisticated smartphone devices and mobile workflow apps to improve productivity, according to Dan Ortega, senior director, product marketing for Sybase, an SAP company.

Posted December 15, 2010

Data is the byproduct of the information age and is being generated, processed and stored at an exponential rate. Storage area networks (SANs) have become the infrastructure of choice for networking, transporting and storing data traffic. As this trend continues, many IT managers are faced with network congestion and I/O bottlenecks. To alleviate congestion and increase network bandwidth, enterprises are looking to 8Gb/s Fibre Channel technology.

Posted October 15, 2008