Amrith Kumar

Amrith Kumar is a founder and chief technology officer of Tesora, a company focused on delivering a database as a service platform for OpenStack. By providing an enterprise distribution of Trove (in addition to our community edition), certified guest images for all supported databases, support and services, Tesora is working hard to help enterprises easily and cost-effectively migrate to OpenStack. 

Kumar is an active technical contributor to, and a member of the core review team for the OpenStack Trove project. He brings more than two decades of experience delivering industry-leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault-tolerant high-performance systems and massively parallel databases. Amrith studied mathematics at the University of Madras (India) and management at the Indian Institute of Management.

Tesora will continue to work with the community to improve Trove and bring to Trove capabilities that are essential for enterprise deployment(s), and we intend to continue to work with database vendors and distribution providers to improve user experience with Trove. In the Juno release, we were the largest contributor to the Trove project and we will continue this active involvement in the future. After all, in today’s data-driven world, an application can be only as successful as the data that it is able to manage and manipulate. We at Tesora believe firmly that the success of a cloud platform fundamentally depends on the ability to easily deploy applications on that platform. 

Articles by Amrith Kumar

The OpenStack Trove database as a service (DBaaS) project has come a long way since incubation in Grizzly and Havana, and integration in the Icehouse release in April 2014. At that time, it supported single instances of MongoDB, MySQL and a few other databases. Today, Trove supports Cassandra, Couchbase, CouchDB, DataStax Enterprise, DB2 Express, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL Percona, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Redis, and Vertica.

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