Andy Pavlo, Co-Founder and CEO, OtterTune

OtterTune ( was founded by database management systems and machine learning researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and is on a mission to help people save money and lower stress by making database management systems autonomous and self-driving. OtterTune uses machine learning to actively tune a database. Organizatons can select a target objective to optimize (e.g., throughput, latency, cost) and OtterTune automatically updates the database configurations to improve that target.

In addition to his role at Ottertune,  Pavlo is also an Associate Professor of Databaseology, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

Articles by Andy Pavlo, Co-Founder and CEO, OtterTune

Database management system (DBMS) configuration tuning is an essential aspect of any data-intensive application effort. But it is historically difficult because DBMSs have hundreds of configuration "knobs" that control everything in the system, such as the amount of memory to use for caches and how often the DBMS writes data to storage.

Posted January 03, 2022