Archie Roboostoff

Archie Roboostoff is Director of the Borland Portfolio at Micro Focus.

With the sole mission is to optimize software delivery, Borland has been building software delivery tools since it started, helping people improve their requirements management, change and configuration management, test management and software quality.

Micro Focus provides software that allows companies to develop, test, deploy, assess and modernize business-critical enterprise applications.

Articles by Archie Roboostoff

Quality Assurance testing is a critical component of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and failing to allow sufficient time for thorough testing can mean the difference between a successful, revenue-driving application and a costly, reputation-damaging outage. The importance of comprehensive QA testing has been hammered into the brains of developers since the beginning of modern-day application development, but traditional approaches to QA are no longer viable. There are three things shaking up QA today.

Posted April 23, 2014