Ariff Kassam

Ariff Kassam is responsible for defining and driving NuoDB’s product strategy. Kassam brings 20 years of database and infrastructure experience to NuoDB to help the company achieve its vision of a global database that can manage an organization’s most valuable data while exploiting the emerging benefits of modern infrastructures such as cloud and containers.  Prior to NuoDB, Kassam held senior leadership positions at Teradata, xkoto, and Halcyon Monitoring Solutions.

Articles by Ariff Kassam

Digital transformation. Infrastructure modernization. Global data center demands. All these forces and more are driving enterprises around the world to seek out next generation cloud-based technologies for a wide range of applications—even those most critical to their business. In reality, however, migrating to the cloud or any other modern architecture is not as easy as it sounds.  

Posted October 01, 2019