Brian Morin

Brian Morin, senior vice president, Global Marketing, Condusiv Technologies, is responsible for the corporate marketing vision by driving demand and awareness worldwide. Efforts over the last year led to growing adoption of V-locity, which has quickly amassed over 1,000 new customers looking to accelerate their virtual environment with a 100% software approach.

Prior to Condusiv, Morin served in leadership positions at Nexsan that touched all aspects of marketing, from communications to demand generation, as well as product marketing and go-to-market strategies with the channel. He notably steered rebranding efforts and built the demand generation model from scratch as an early marketing automation adopter. Growth led to the successful acquisition by Imation.

With 15-plus years of marketing expertise, Morin has spent recent years on the forefront of revenue marketing models that leverage automation for data-driven determinations. His earlier background has roots on the agency side as creative director, helping companies build brands and transition to online engagement.

Articles by Brian Morin

When anyone hears the word "fragmentation," they typically think of a physical disk platter problem where the fragmentation of physical blocks results in disk latency due to the extra head movement required to process a file. What about solid-state drives (SSDs)?

Posted August 25, 2015