Charles Greenberg

Charles Greenberg is principal, MDM Competency Center at Software AG. He was formerly with Data Foundations, a leading vendor of master data management, which was recently acquired by Software AG. For more information, contact him at or visit

Articles by Charles Greenberg

If data is the lifeblood of an enterprise, a robust master data management (MDM) solution may well be the heart, pumping purified data downstream to vital applications and databases while simultaneously accepting inaccurate and old data for cleansing and enrichment. This "bloodstream," as we know it, is comprised of a myriad of different subject areas, and/or domains. Though the MDM market may well consider itself conceptually and technically mature, end users still struggle to determine whether they should embrace specialist MDM solutions dedicated to supporting one subject area, or make one strategic acquisition and implement truly-multi domain software that addresses multiple subject areas.

Posted November 09, 2010