Claudia M. Imhoff

President, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Claudia Imhoff, president, Intelligent Solutions, Inc. (ISI) is internationally recognized as an expert on analytical customer relationship management (CRM), BI, and the infrastructure to support these initiatives–the Corporate Information Factory (CIF).  In 1992, she founded ISI, a consulting and education firm, to support clients developing BI and analytical CRM applications using data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores. Imhoff obtained her doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge; her master's degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder; and her bachelor's degree from Duke University, Durham, NC. For information about ISI, go to

Articles by Claudia M. Imhoff

Claims that the mainframe is a near-death technology in the mission-critical world of today's robust business intelligence (BI) applications are exaggerated. Conventional wisdom says the mainframe-the "powerhouse" of corporate computing-is simply too costly, too complex and incapable of supporting a comprehensive BI system. Not so.

Posted September 15, 2008