Clayton Davis, Head of Data Science, Modzy

At Modzy (, Davis oversees model development, operational data science capability development, and AI research. Prior to his role at Modzy, Davis spent more than 15 years leading data science work for commercial and government organizations. His experience has spanned the data science spectrum, from analytic macro creation to cloud based deep learning research and petabyte scale big data processing on Hadoop clusters. He has a passion for solving complex puzzles and holds a graduate degree in Physics.


Articles by Clayton Davis, Head of Data Science, Modzy

We can count on seeing more cyberattacks and there are two reasons for that. First, as AI becomes more ubiquitous and embedded in our everyday lives, it presents yet another threat surface hackers will seek to exploit to wreak havoc at scale. More AI, more attacks. Second, the Silicon Valley "move fast and break things" model has meant that historically teams have pushed a lot of code into production without putting security guard rails in place. The same thing is now happening with AI. We're so focused on getting novel capabilities into production—that we prioritize first-to-market movements over security, leaving the door open for exploitation.

Posted November 01, 2021