Connor Cox

Connor Cox, DH2i director of business development ,is a technical business development executive with extensive experience assisting customers transform their IT capabilities to maximize business value. As an enterprise IT strategist, Connor helps organizations achieve the highest overall IT service availability, improve agility, and minimize TCO. He has worked in the enterprise tech startup field for the past 5 years. Connor earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University and was listed as a CRN Channel Chief for 2017 and 2018.

Articles by Connor Cox

If you're looking for a popular database management system (DBMS) platform, Microsoft SQL Server is a solid choice. Research from Gartner shows it's among the most widely deployed platforms in the category—second only to Oracle—with more than 20% of the DBMS market's $34.4 billion total. SQL Server also is experiencing rapid growth. Industry data from 2016 shows that SQL Server revenue rose more than that of Oracle and even of the market overall, with 10.3% growth.

Posted April 12, 2018