Dan Graves, CTO, Delphix

Delphix ( provides an automated DevOps data platform for all enterprise applications. Delphix masks data for privacy compliance, secures data from ransomware, and delivers efficient, virtualized data for CI/CD. 

The Delphix platform includes essential DevOps APIs for data provisioning, refresh, rewind, integration, and version control, and is used by leading companies including Choice Hotels, J.B.Hunt, and Fannie Mae, to accelerate digital transformation. 

Articles by Dan Graves, CTO, Delphix

Today, businesses want data to help them get deep, dynamic, and even real-time insights into their customers, markets, and supply chains, often via machine learning models. They want to make better predictions both of day-to-day realities and longer-term trends. They want data to help them create better, unique experiences for their customers. And they need fast access to data to support the rapid innovation that will let them thrive in the new hyper-competitive environment. Businesses can no longer afford to wait for the old data mills' wheels to turn.

Posted January 03, 2022