Dave Bermingham, Senior Technical Evangelist at SIOS Technology

David Bermingham is senior technical evangelist at SIOS Technology. He is recognized within the technology community as a high-availability expert and has been honored to be elected a Microsoft MVP for the past 10 years: 6 years as a Cluster MVP and 4 years as a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. He holds numerous technical certifications and has more than 30 years of IT experience, including in finance, healthcare, and education.

Articles by Dave Bermingham, Senior Technical Evangelist at SIOS Technology

One configures SQL Server for high availability (HA) in anticipation of some event that will cause a critical application to go offline unexpectedly—a software glitch that causes an app to freeze or a fault in storage that brings down a disk, for example. A well-designed HA solution will cause a secondary instance of your application and database infrastructure—running in a nearby but geographically distinct data center—to assume your critical loads and keep your operations running smoothly, with no loss of data.

Posted March 20, 2024

Let's start by admitting that the title of this article is a tease. It's a valid question and one that thinking people ask all the time. But in truth it's not the first question you should be asking. More importantly, the answer to the question really depends on how you answer the questions that you should be asking first. Here the questions to ask.

Posted July 21, 2021

The IT industry is going through a major shift from centralized data centers to dispersed deployments across a variety of cloud and on-premise platforms. At the same time, availability is becoming more critical. Recently, Dave Bermingham, technical evangelist of SIOS Technology, shared his views on the current state of high availability in the cloud, and what organizations need to do to ensure continuity of service. "When moving to the cloud, the first thing you will discover is that the traditional SAN-based failover cluster for HA is no longer an option," he noted.

Posted December 01, 2019