Dayal Sukumaran

Dayal Sukumaran currently works as a senior database administrator at the Miami campus of Assurant ( Sukumaran has many years of database experience and is an IBM Certified DB2 DBA. He has over a decade of database experience working in and supporting various databases like IMS, DB2 (both z/OS and LUW) and SQL Server. His experience spans across the world—in places like Sydney (Australia), U.K, India and various locations in the U.S. He can be reached at

Articles by Dayal Sukumaran

There are mainly four kinds of information management professionals in an OLTP environment—data architects, database architects, application DBAs and operational (or production support) DBAs. It should be the aim of an information management professional to master all the four roles and seamlessly shift between them with ease. Once you are able to shift roles easily, be assured that you're adding to the revenue of your business.

Posted August 14, 2009