Dipto Chakravarty

Dipto Chakravarty is the vice president of engineering for the Security Management Operating Platforms at Novell, Inc. Prior to Novell, Chakravarty ran product engineering for e-Security. He previously served as CTO and founder at Artesia, a firm he started with management buyout in 1999. Besides startup businesses, Chakravarty has held a variety of management positions at IBM's AIX kernel group, Thomson's e-publishing group, and Bell Labs' device drivers group. 

A 20-year software industry veteran, Chakravarty is also the author of two best-selling computer books from McGraw-Hill and has published more than 45 technical papers in refereed journals, and holds several patents.

Articles by Dipto Chakravarty

Cloud computing offers the promise of greater agility, resource optimization, and user performance, yet many businesses are understandably leery about jumping onto the cloud bandwagon until they have assurances that hosted resources will be secure. In fact, security concerns are the main obstacle to widespread cloud computing adoption among enterprises today. Before taking advantage of these capabilities, businesses need to assure users they have a simple way to access all their applications, and trust that their information is secure in the cloud.

Posted October 12, 2010