Donnie Berkholz

SVP Product Management, Percona

Donnie Berkholz, Ph.D., is SVP Product Management and a member of the Executive Management Team at Percona. His background includes leadership, advisory, and engineering roles at organizations including Docker, Scale Venture Partners, travel-tech leader CWT, 451 Research, RedMonk, and Gentoo Linux.

Articles by Donnie Berkholz

Your database environment is getting more complex. If that sounds like old hat, that's because it is.For years, articles like this have warned of the dangers of increasingly convoluted database environments. They've discussed how Database Administrators (DBAs) are now tasked with managing thousands of databases and supporting technologies. They've lamented over increasing fragmentation and workflow-stymying bottlenecks, which have, among a whole list of things, significantly hampered developer velocity. And they've explained that opting for specialized databases and tools for every need can quickly spiral into vendor lock-in, swelling support contracts, and surrendered control over your data.

Posted May 04, 2022