Ed Thompson, CTO and Co-Founder of Matillion

Ed Thompson is CTO and co-founder of Matillion ( He started his career as an IBM software consultant, and spent 11 years consulting for some of the premier blue-chip companies in the U.K. Along with CEO Matthew Scullion, he launched Matillion in 2011 and set about building a crack team of data integration experts and software engineers. He and his team launched  Matillion's flagship ETL product in 2014, which has driven the company’s growth ever since. Thompson's strength is his ability to bring together best-in-class technologies from across the software ecosystem and apply them to solving the deep and complex requirements of modern businesses in new and disruptive ways. 

Thompson is a graduate of the University of Salford with a degree in Computer Science. A proud father of three (plus two dogs), he has recently taken up training assistance dogs for the blind.

Articles by Ed Thompson, CTO and Co-Founder of Matillion

It is safe to say that when data and analytics leaders built their data management and data analytics strategies in late 2019, they did not foresee the macroeconomic impacts of 2020. The upheaval of many of the best-laid plans touched all industries as executives looked to data to provide insight into how to withstand the fallout and course correct. While enterprises have long understood the need to migrate to the cloud, the COVID-19 pandemic served as the catalyst for quick plans to get started right away.

Posted January 07, 2021