Edy Almer

Edy Almer is vice president of product management and marketing at Safend, a leading provider of endpoint data protection solutions. Safend develops content aware application control technology and recently released a Mac version of its award winning security solution. For more information about Safend's Data Protection Suite, visit

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As security threats increase and become more sophisticated, organizations face pressure to implement strong processes and technology solutions to ensure compliance and the safety of critical assets. The risks associated with a data breach can be devastating, regardless of whether it is due to a simple mistake, or a stolen end-point device such as a laptop. The impact goes beyond fines and lost revenue, to negatively impacting an organization's brand identity and equity, or jeopardizing customers' trust. Providing greater clarity, as well as aligning with industry changes and best practices, Version 2.0 of the PCI DSS standard went into effect earlier this month.

Posted January 07, 2011