Gary Gordhamer, IOUG Director of Education

Gary Gordhamer is currently Director of Architecture IT at INNIO, focusing on enterprise application landscape and business process digitization.  His technical experiences range from Oracle e-Business suite, middleware, database and related technologies for the past 27 years.  His professional background covers many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and government.  He is an active member of IOUG currently serving on the board as Director of Education.  Gary is an Oracle ACE associate, and frequent presenter at Oracle OpenWorld and COLLABORATE

Articles by Gary Gordhamer, IOUG Director of Education

Every day, more technology surrounds us.  Things that were once fiction, are now everyday occurrences.  None of this is by accident or happenstance, this is only through the work of many professionals and even amateurs in the fields of engineering, electronics, and computer science.

Posted March 12, 2019

Everything around us today is an outcome of the Industrial Age. The 250-plus years of changes allow a toaster in every house, a car in every driveway, and a computer in every pocket. It's hard to imagine the amount of change that workers have gone through during this period. We are now on the journey through the Information Age, and it continues to change our world every day. The future is not written, but I know who will create it: Those that seek out the change.

Posted March 14, 2018