Harry Aujla, EMEA Technical Director, SIOS Technology Corp.

Harry Aujla, EMEA Technical Director, SIOS Technology Corp., has more than 20 years of experience in the IT business continuity sector, he adds a wealth of expertise for enterprises who are looking to build IT continuity strategies across their businesses. Consulting across many vertical sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, government, and more, he has been privileged to represent vendors who specialize in high availability, disaster recovery, and fault tolerant computing techniques. During his career, Aujla has spent time in various roles such as technical consultant, salesperson, and technical trainer.

Articles by Harry Aujla, EMEA Technical Director, SIOS Technology Corp.

Anyone investing in an SAP ERP solution running on Oracle Linux is clearly serious about ensuring that their critical line of business systems run smoothly, predictably, and efficiently. It should go without saying that those operations will be consistently accessible and run without unexpected interruption. Saying nothing, though, would be a mistake, for there's nothing magical about Oracle Linux that inherently guarantees high availability (HA) for an SAP landscape. Without proper planning and an infrastructure configured for HA, that big investment is vulnerable.

Posted March 11, 2022

While the cloud can offer an organization a wide array of benefits—including a reduction in infrastructure costs, greater flexibility to deploy regionally, and more—it's not always an organization's first choice when it comes to building out an SAP landscape, where high availability (HA) is essential. If you're invested in real-time analytics or building out AI services that depend on uninterrupted access to your SAP landscape, you don't want to find yourself unable to access the data and services you need.

Posted October 08, 2020

One of the primary objectives of any high-availability architecture is to ensure that any single points of failure are eliminated, such as cluster nodes connecting to a single SAN. If you are running SAP in the cloud, you can take advantage of your cloud provider's availability zones, which may exist in different geographic regions. Although a high-availability cluster can be deployed within a single zone, the zone itself is a single-point-of-failure. If the zone becomes unavailable, end users may lose access to the entire cluster.

Posted March 05, 2020