Harvey Sarjant

Harvey Sarjant has over a decade of expertise across every facet of programmatic and data management.

Starting with RadiumOne where his numerous roles included filling the DMP fuel tank with 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, building out audience taxonomies to cross platform programmatic trading strategies, educating brands around the value and effectiveness of data to setting up and heading the Data Performance and Programmatic Strategy Team.

Later he moved to Omnicom Media Group as Global Programmatic Strategy Director for the VW Brand across 29 markets.

Sarjant now heads the London division of Sirdata where he focuses on helping clients and agencies to create custom audience “intent” segments from 2nd and 3rd party data. His team uses multiple modeling techniques as well as semantic, predictive and real-time scoring methods in order to find the next best performing programmatic trading strategy to retargeting.

Articles by Harvey Sarjant

How rapidly digital transformations have occurred since 2007. A decade ago organizations had not yet turned en masse to leverage social platforms such as Facebook. Consumer technology and its potential went largely ignored and companies were mainly focused on data mining, search technology, and virtual collaboration. Surely it is time for a new generation of intelligent data modeling to step up and enable advertisers and marketers to target consumers more accurately.

Posted October 06, 2017