James Beecham, Co-Founder and CTO, ALTR

ALTR ( simplifies and unifies data governance and security, allowing anyone the ability to confidently store, share, analyze, and use their data. With ALTR, customers gain unparalleled visibility into how data is used across their organization and can use this intelligence to create advanced policies to control data access and mitigate data risk. Through ALTR’s no-code cloud platform, customers can implement data control and protection in minutes instead of months

Articles by James Beecham, Co-Founder and CTO, ALTR

Data governance used to be relatively simple to define; it originally required handling data quality, metadata management, discovery, and classification. But traditional data governance has its limits—it doesn't take security into account and often leaves companies, customers and data at risk. Companies struggle to protect access to sensitive data—in fact, this is the leading cause of cyberattacks almost every year.

Posted November 01, 2021