Jans Aasman

Jans Aasman, Ph.D., is the CEO of Franz Inc., an early innovator in artificial intelligence and supplier of semantic graph database technology.

Franz Inc., an American-owned company, is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying semantic web technologies (i.e., Web 3.0) and providing Common Lisp based tools that offer an ideal environment to create complex, mission-critical applications. AllegroGraph and Allegro CL with AllegroCache are distinct platforms that provide scalable technology infrastructures which offer start-ups and Fortune 100 companies the ability to realize new knowledge-rich applications for enhanced business intelligence. At Franz, the goal is to provide the infrastructure for a new level of data integration and application interoperability, by delivering the potential of semantic technologies - today.


Articles by Jans Aasman

Ever wonder what happened to artificial intelligence? It's gotten easier and more accessible. In fact, AI's been embedded into some of the most fundamental aspects of data management, making those critical data-driven processes more celeritous and manageable. Best of all, AI is directly responsible for producing this effect for end users—those who rely on data most to do their jobs.

Posted March 31, 2016