Jason Monberg

Jason Monberg is vice president of product management at MarkLogic, whose flagship product is a purpose-built database for unstructured information.

Monberg has deep experience building and managing server and database-based products for both corporate and consumer markets, as well as consulting for large companies delivering enterprise solutions. Prior to MarkLogic, Monberg founded Dashlight Software, a web-based application that enables users to manage personal information online from any device or location, and before that, was vice president of Application Products at Composite Software, a provider of virtual data integration software. In his career, Monberg additionally founded two technology start-ups - Carbon Five, a purveyor of J2EE development solutions, and, a consumer gift and personalization company, where he also served as chief technology officer.

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Articles by Jason Monberg

Big data is one of those terms that is quickly gaining momentum among technologists. If you watch closely, you'll notice that everyone seems to have an opinion on what "big data" means and wants to own the term. As industry experts discuss what to name this problem, in 2011, companies will be tasked with bringing big data from back office offline analytics to customer-facing 24x7 production systems. Customers are paying attention and they need solutions that support not only massive data sets but also mixed information types, extended feature sets, real-time processing, and technical teams that have not hand-coded these systems from the ground up. Here are five big data solution trends we see developing as our customers work hard to solve "big data" or "big information" problems.

Posted April 05, 2011