Javier de la Torre

Javier de la Torre is CEO of CARTO.

One of the pioneers of location intelligence, de la Torre founded the company in 2012 with a vision to democratize data analysis and visualization. Under his leadership, CARTO has grown from a groundbreaking idea into one of the fastest growing geospatial companies in the world.

He started his career as a conservation scientist, applying data sharing technologies to analyze and visualize endangered species. In 2007, he founded Vizzuality, a renowned geospatial company dedicated to bridging the gap between science and policy making by the better use of data.

He has been widely recognized for his visionary leadership and is frequently invited to give talks on data analysis, open source, geospatial technology, and biodiversity informatics. Javier holds a degree in Agriculture Engineering and Environmental Science from the Universidad Polite´ncia de Madrid and Freie Universita¨t Berlin. He is an advisor member in multiple organizations like the European Biodiversity Observation Network.

Articles by Javier de la Torre

Download any app onto a smartphone these days and you'll be prompted by the same question: Do you want to turn location services on? For consumers, letting Google Maps or Waze know exactly where you are is a must — it's the essence of why those apps exist. But have you ever wondered why other types of businesses, from grocery stores to social media platforms, want to know where their patrons are at all times?

Posted January 09, 2018