Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews is chief technology officer of GT Software.

For over 30 years, GT Software has revolutionized the process of accessing data – regardless of data source or location.  Our Ivory portfolio of mainframe application development and integration solutions are pioneers in the industry, making data access quick and easy with no additional coding required. Our latest solution, enVue (Enterprise View) is more than just data virtualization – making controlling, finding, sharing and accessing data simple through a single, holistic view of all data anywhere in the enterprise. GT Software’s solutions are trusted by more than 2,500 organizations worldwide to improve operational efficiency, customer experiences and innovation.

Articles by Jeff Andrews

The modern business landscape is a fast-moving, ever-changing, highly competitive environment. For companies to outpace the competition and build upon innovation, they must embrace a modern data architecture. It is necessary that this new architecture support today's new requirements such as mobile integration and advanced digital marketing.

Posted December 02, 2015